Portable Generators – Unique Features And Their Benefit To Your Operation

Today, no one can imagine a life without power. We have become an energy-addicted society, where everything we do is associated with energy consumption. But what is the plan B in a case of a power outage? That plan b is called portable generators. These diesel-powered devices are commonly used to create electrical power temporarily. A portable generator is capable to create enough power to keep your household devices running for some time. Residents and businesses usually use portable generators when major or minor electrical defect happens. Great number of manufacturers produce different types of portable generators. And each generator comes with similar specifications and configuration. If you plan to buy a portable generator for your home or business facility, then continue reading the text. We have created a simple list of features and benefits which are provided by the portable generators:


Feature. Continuous Rating is actually the amount of power a portable generator supplies on a continuous basis. How much power the generator can deliver in a case of power outage will depend on the generator size. Therefore, you must always read the manufacturer’s specification plate before you actually choose a certain model.

Benefits. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to use the portable generator continuously for few hours. Heavy duty portable generators are designed to run longer than just few hours.

Feature. Maximum Rating on the other hand, is the amount of wattage a generator can support for short period of time.

Benefits. Sometimes even seconds matter. This feature makes big difference in operational rooms for example. Portable generators with maximum capacity can supply power until the defect is solved.

Feature. Some portable generators include a disconnect breaker that is specifically designed to block the power output from the generator.

Benefit. This safety feature is designed to switch off the generator in a case of short circuit or overload. You will be able to turn off the power, even when the devices are still connected to the portable generator.

Feature. Most portable generators come with a device that shows the oil level. If the crankcase oil drops below the normal level, this device will shut down the engine. When the oil level is low, the indicator light turns on and blinks.

Benefit. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to prevent engine damage due to low oil situations. However, you should always check the indicator light on the portable generators.

Feature. Manufacturers include automatic idle control feature. This feature can control the engine speed when all electrical devices are shut down.

Benefit. If you want to reduce the fuel consumption, then this is the feature you’ve been looking for. You should pay attention on the monitor voltage before shopping for portable generators with automatic idle control. If not properly used, this feature can cause motor failures.

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