Spirit Essences: Give Homemade Whiskey a Unique Flavour

The various types of whiskey are some of the most unique drinks from around the world. Different countries and locations have their own type to be proud of from Irish whiskey to Tennessee. But to get its sophisticated flavour, whiskey goes through a long process of brewing. From malting to access its sugar to mashing those sugars and starches, fermenting them into alcohol, distilling the alcohol and finally, aging the whiskey in different wood barrels to unleash the characteristic, authentic notes. This tough process can last for years, and on top of that, getting a single bottle of the finest mature whiskeys to satisfy your sharpened taste buds can cost you a real treasure.

Spirit Essences

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If you’re a fan of this exquisite spirit, you should know that there’s a way more convenient method to capture all those exclusive notes you’re aiming for in a glass of whiskey. By simply making your own signature whiskey with the help of the popular spirit flavouring essences. After all, “brewing” some top-shelf whiskey without actually going through all the complex and long steps is the main reason why the home brewing industry is becoming one of the greatest opponents to the fine whiskey producers.

What Are Spirit Essences?

If you’re wondering how is it possible to get a high-quality drink without maturing it carefully for years, you should get introduced to the popular spirit essences. In fact, they are a concentrated form of types of superior alcohols that are can be mixed with a neutral spirit or moonshine to give them the top shelf flavours you desire instantly. To preserve the concentration of the beverage, these spirit flavouring concentrates are always exclusively bottled with ultimate care, using only natural ingredients such as essential oils, natural extracts and caramel colours for whiskey.

Why You Should Use Essences to Make Your Whiskey?

Brewing whiskey is one of the most prestigious hobbies a person can have. If you’re part of those prestigious people, I’m sure you’re familiar with all the “desperate” tastes your distilled whiskey delivered countless times so far. So, instead of waiting for ages for your whiskey to mature enough to be able to get the rich notes you’re aiming for, you can simply get spirit essences to capture the desired whiskey flavour conveniently in a blink of an eye.

What’s even more appealing about using whiskey essences is that they’re not expensive at all, unlike all that expensive equipment for distilling whiskey from scratch or buying a top-shelf bottle of the most prestigious producers. They also give you the freedom to experiment a lot to get the finest notes of whiskey to satisfy all your senses. If you’ve suddenly become tempted to create your own magic formula for your favourite whiskey glass, there’re a lot of suppliers that offer spirit essences Australia wide.

Spirit Essences

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The Best Spirit Flavours for Whiskey

Now that we learned about the miracles “a drop” of spirit flavours can do to a bottle of neutral spirit, it’s important to choose the right essence. When it comes to the whiskey flavours you can get, the options are endless, as long as you experiment.

Starting with one of the most famous authentic American spirits, the Tennessee whiskey essence is perfect if you love lighter variants of the drink that taste sweeter. This essence will flavour your spirit with toasted oak, vanilla and caramel notes to deliver a sweet taste, topped up with charcoal and burnt wood hints to “spice up” the mildness.

If the savoury finish of Tennessee is not enough spicy for your sharpened whiskey taste, a bit bolder variant of it is the classic Bourbon essence. This essence will give you the ultimate hefty taste you were seeking in a whiskey, leaving you with a rounded mouthfeel and the smoothest finish any whiskey can deliver.

Another popular flavour is rye whiskey which you can also get with spirit flavouring essences. The rye whiskey essence will give you the ultimate spicy, peppery splashes in your mouth than any other essence can deliver, with a smooth finish that will remind you of Bourbon. If you prefer more aggressive tones of whiskey, then the rye essence for spirits is the perfect fit for you. Don’t hesitate to experiment with this flavour to get the perfect strong finish you’re seeking for.

But if you want to skip the sweet and peppery food-like tastes, and feel a real woodsy whiskey taste dancing on your palate, then give the authentic Scotch whiskey essence a chance. This essence will give your whiskey the distinctive smoky Scotch whiskey taste, which is traditionally made through the malt frying process. To additionally enhance the taste of this whiskey, you can also find scotch whiskey essences enriched with fruity essential oils and earthy herbs flavours that will bold out the oaky finish even more.

In contrast with the Scotch whiskey essences, the Irish whiskey taste comes from unmalted barley and makes for a great spicy, oak-like feeling. The Irish whiskey essences are also additionally enriched with hints of mellow vanilla notes, without compromising its smoky, peaty notes.

Spirit Essences

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The Flavouring Process

After getting your neutral spirit distilled and filtered, flavouring it with the spirit essence you chose is the easiest part of the process of getting your signature whiskey. You just simply have to add the essence into the filtered spirit, and you’ve got your whiskey. To get the most of the flavour, it’s recommended to add 20ml of the essence to 1 quart of neutral spirit, or simply follow the instructions on the label of the spirit essence you’ve picked.

If you aren’t scared to experiment and get unique tastes to top up your favourite whiskey glass, feel free to mix different essences by starting with the preferred amount of essence, and slowly adding some more until you get the taste where you like it. After all, whiskey is a strong and tough drink for fearless drinkers that aren’t afraid to tantalise their taste buds.

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