Unique Drinks From Around The World


What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions vacation? Most likely you’re imagining tropical sun, gentle breeze, country’s historical monuments, souvenirs and tons of tourists. But what about local traditional specialties. And no, I’m not referring to food. Almost every country has its own traditional drink so do not neglect this traditional tipple next time you’re traveling. Sipping local drinks is one of the best ways to learn something about the culture of people whose country you’re visiting. I have singled out here a world’s colorful palette of famous drinks.

Japan – We are all very much familiar with this country’s traditional alcoholic beverage, sake. Also known as rice wine, this drink is made from fermented rice which is why the process of brewing pretty much resembles beer making process. Containing approximately 14-20% alcohol, this drink is best when served at room temperature or a bit colder.

Czech – Many associate Czech with beer, and while this country is proud of its beer making and drinking, another drink is gaining popularity, Becherovka. This is a herbal drink made out of several herbs and spices and has somewhat gingery and cinnamon flavor. Czech people swear it is very good for digestion system and is a perfect addition to cocktails. If you are a drinking epicurean then this is something that will surely satisfy your senses.

France – Of course, aside from Eiffel Tower and Triumphal Arch, France is a synonym for good quality wine. In fact, wines from eastern part of France, Burgundy region to be precise, possess certain qualities rarely found in any other wine due to the specific characteristics of the rich soil of the region. White burgundy is is mostly made out of Chardonnay grape type while most red wine varieties are produced using Pinot Noir grape type. You can get this red wine online and at a nice French restaurant. Of course, nothing can substitute the pleasure of drinking wine in one of Paris’ local cafes. But not all of us can afford a trip like this. Therefore, if you’re a wine lover browse for wine online and take advantage of many wine sales online deals.

Mexico – What champagne is to France, tequila is to Mexico. And when most people think of tequila, they think of wild parties and a week long hangovers. But let’s put aside salt, lime and shot glasses and let us elaborate a bit more on the making and origins of this transparent drink. It comes from southwestern state of Mexico, Jalisco and is made from a plant called blue agave. To be more specific, tequila is made of agave pineapple-shaped heart, pinas. Pinas are chopped into quarters then slowly roasted what turns the starch into a sweet juice, the base of tequila, which is then fermented fro few days, boiled and distilled.

Sangria – This is an inevitable drink of parties and happy hours. And while majority of us have indulged in this alcoholic fruit punch, only few people know that this is a traditional drink of Spain. There are many different recipes and ways of making fresh sangria, but they are all based on same ingredients: red wine, brown sugar, triple sec or brandy, ice, club soda and chopped up oranges and apples. To achieve an impeccable flavor, it is important to use a good quality wine, thus ransack your nearest liquor store or buy wine online.

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