Unique Ways To Use Leftover Wine

Leftover Wine

Leftover Wine

Wondering what to do with the leftover wine you have? It would be a pity to waste a good wine after spending time looking for the best wine selling online retailers. There are many ways to use leftover wine and here are few ideas.

Make Wine Ice Cubes

Fill the ice tray with wine and put it in the freezer. You can wine ice cubes when making sauces (tomato, mushroom or creamy sauce), beef stew, chicken or fish dish to enhance the flavor of the food.

Poach Pears

The delicious red wine poached pears will certainly make your hubby reconsider dessert. It is quite easy to do as well. Just pour sliced pears in the sauce pan, add a cup and a half red wine, cinnamon stick and one and a half cup sugar. Cook for 20 minutes, put it in a bowl and you got yourself a delicious dessert.

Mix Wine With Bread

You will love the taste of Drunken Cheesy Bread. What you need to do is place the bread in a buttered ovenproof casserole, put ham, onion, spices and cheese and pour a glass of white wine over. Bake until cheese is melted and bread is brown at the edges.

Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

You most certainly had the fruit flies problem. You tried many ways to get rid of them, but none worked. Well you will be amazed to find out that wine is perfect solution for this. Leave an open wine bottle next to the fruit bowl and watch how flies immediately get attracted to the sugar in the wine. It will be hard for the flies to fly out of the bottle. What a unique way to use the leftover wine, don’t you think?

Prepare A Relaxing Bath

Add a cup of the leftover wine in your bathtub and enjoy a luxurious bath. Wine is loaded with natural antioxidants that will make your skin super soft.

Fight Wrinkles

Because wine contains resveratrol which has been proven to improve circulation, boost hearth health and even slow the aging process, wine is perfect all-natural beauty mask. Pour some wine on a cotton ball and gently rub on your face. Let it get dry on its own and then wash your face with warm water. Try this every morning and evening to prevent and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

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