The Unique Art of Wine Tasting

Many define drinking wine as pleasure. This pleasure can be more or less intense depending on the wine, conditions and the sensitivity of the taster. If you want to surprise your loved one, then take her to a wine degustation and afterwards purchase one of the degustated wines from online wine store. Many online wine shops have wide array of different quality aged wines you can surprise someone with.

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Wine tasting

There are several types of wine degustations, depending on the purpose: technical, analytic, comparative etc. True wine lovers prefer the so-called hedonistic tasting – expressing everything about wine, perfecting the accuracy of their nose and palate.

Wine tasting should not be done anywhere and anyhow. The overall atmosphere should be warm, there should not be any flowers or other scented perfumes, smoke etc. And also, the room should well-lit with natural daylight and the temperature should be medium (18-20 °C).

The glasses are really important when it comes to wine tasting and feeling the true wine bouquet. They should be colorless and in the form of a tulip. These type of glasses help avoid wine getting warm from holding a glass. It also facilitates the rotation of the wine, which activates the wine aeration and the aroma.

Technique of wine tasting

In wine degustation we use our sight, smell, taste and touch. When we say ‘touch’ we do not refer to the hand touch, but to mouth with which we detect “mechanical” effects of wine, temperature, texture, presence of gas etc.


With eyes consumers make the first contact with the wine. No matter of the color and tint, the wine must be clear. The clarity verification is done by placing the glass between the eye and the light source. The transparency in red wines is determined by placing the wine at white background – tablecloth or sheet of paper, while tilting the cup. The surface must be oval. Observation gives us information about the wine age and the storage method.


The second test is made with the help of our smell sensors. To be precise, we smell components of the wine bouquet or wine aroma qualities as it evaporates. That is why the temperature at which wine is served is so important. When it’s too cold there is no bouquet or aroma, and when it’s too warm, wine evaporates faster. Therefore, the bouquet of the wine is under constant influence of various factors.

The wine is successfully introduced depending on the temperature and oxidation. That is why the glass shape is very important. We begin with breathing, then we make rotational movement of the wine in the glass and the air plays its role which is why different flavors appear.

This is the only way for degustation. From above we can conclude that wine tasting is done by: visual assessment, olfactory analysis, flavor analysis and conclusion.

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