Unique Engineering Tools

Engineers constantly try to improve technology and equipment used in various industries through new innovations. For this they need special tools which are practical for any type of professional work or have applications in certain industry only. Here are some unique engineering tools.

Engineering Tools

Spy Satellites – Engineers are the only ones allowed to use spy satellites. There are over 1,000 satellites circling around our planet observing and collecting data. They are designed to capture high resolution photos, detect a possible covert communication and detect some possible missile launches. In fact, some may be watching you this very moment, but chances are dim if you are not a military target or member of some intelligence agency.

Super Computers – Mechanical engineers need computers with extremely high-performance in order to produce diagrams, perform virtual tests and create certain models. They are specially designed and unlike regular computers, they can support programs not available for commercial use.

Surveying Tools – Surveying tools have always been very interesting, mainly because of their design. There are specific tools for surveying including optical instruments, a level, barometer, a plane table, theodolite, alidade, graphometer, total station, gyrotheodolite, hand-helded computers, lase tracker, macrometer, topographic abney level and many others. The surveying tools serve to determine the land boundaries before building a road, highway or any construction structure.

Jet Engines – Another cool feature that only engineers have access to are jet engine. They are reaction engines that discharge a fast moving jet and consist of a rotary air compressor powered by a turbine. Jet engines have self-destruction feature and people without knowledge should not be handling them. These engines in form of rocket power aircrafts, cruise missiles and numerous aerial vehicles find use in electrical power generation for powering natural gas, water or oil pumps.

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