8 Unique Hats To Wear This Winter

Be simple, but look stylish. Be tough, but look soft. Be tensed, but look cool. Simply put, BE FASHIONABLE.

Misconceptions about fashion have been present since forever. The truth is, fashion is a statement and not a style. It is fit for all people of all sizes and all ages. It is an art of self-expression and not a poor excuse to be pretty, charismatic and popular. You can be outstandingly fashionable, sexy and attractive even with a simplest fashion accessory, only if you know how and when to wear it.


Women’s hats are definitely the fashion gadgets that have the power to help create one-of-a-kind look that perfectly expresses personal taste and character. Winter is almost here, so why not welcome it with an up-to-the-minute collection of winter hats that will perfectly match every piece of clothing from your closet? And since we know what’s ‘chic’ this winter, take a look at the top 8 unique women’s hat styles to wear this winter 2015.

  1. Wide Brim Hat – Since forever, mysterious women have been more attractive to men; there is nothing more sexier than a mixture of mystique, class and natural beauty. If this is the look you are going for this winter, get yourself a beautiful wide brim hat that will complement the rest of fancy clothes you have. With a wide brim hat on you, you will glitter with sex appeal and be the woman every man wants to be with.
  2. Felt Fedora – Wearing a felt fedora hat will refresh your classic style and ensure your good look for this winter. Midnight blue and deep red are the two colours that perfectly express the real beauty of this model of women’s winter hat. Keep in mind that no woman’s closet is complete without a felt fedora hat.
  3. Leather Cap – If for you, a win-win combination is cool & chic, then you are a leather cap kind of gal. From hot celebrities to famous athletes and sports personalities, everyone seems to be sporting luxe leather caps. Why not feel like one of them?
  4. Roller Hat – Get the hipster out of you and show it off this winter with an authentic roller hat. To create the most out of amazing look, complement your roller hat with a cool denim shirt, leggings and a pair of Dr. Martens boots.
  5. Studded Beret – To be the most wanted lady from the block, buy a sexy studded beret today. Usually, they come at easy-on-the-pocket prices, thus you do not have to spend a small fortune to get that desirable look.
  6. Fashion Turban – One more authentic woman’s hat style you can add to your repertoire of winter outfit. The turban is stylish and fashionable, and will make you look ultramodern and simply beautiful.
  7. Cropped Cloche – Do you opt for retro revival? If so, adding a cropped cloche hat to your apparel of winter clothes is a must-do. Extreme elegance and subtle sophistication is what a cropped cloche will give to your lady-like outfit. This hat style comes in different styles and colours, but most important of all, at affordable prices.
  8. Riding Hat – Riding hats feature a polo-inspired look, which make a perfect winter-hat option for women who want to add an equestrian-inspired style to their chic winter clothes. Yes designer hats cost pretty much and not everyone can afford them, but good news is that there are also awesome riding-hat models affordable for everyone’s budget. The choice is all yours!

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