Unique Winter Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories make the outfit complete. Simple as that. From stylish jewelry, hats, scarves, fancy shoes, bags and similar, each season fashion seems to be more and more focused on this category. And since each season there are new fashion trends in clothing, there are new trendy styles in accessories as well. Here’s which fashion accessories you need to welcome this winter in style.


  • Knee length winter socks – Cotton socks, wool socks and even nylon socks are a huge winter must-have! The latest trends – knee length wool socks with boots, whether knee length or shorter (ankle length). Pair them with a dress or a skirt. Avoid jeans.
  • Tights – In all colours, designs and prints! Again, made from wool, cotton and nylon, they are the perfect fashion accessory to add to your outfit! You can wear these instead of jeans or pants with long knitwear.
  • Earmuffs – These playful fashion accessories can add fun to your look. Furry earmuffs, puffy earmuffs, all are equally stylish!
  • Leather gloves – The timeless classic, don’t you think? Get yourself a pair of leather gloves as your main fashion accessories for the winter. Leather keeps you warm and gives your outfit a splash of class, elegance and style.
  • Chic caps with matching scarves – Winter is all about being warm and cozy. Nothing keeps you warm and cozy like a wool cap and a scarf. Match them as a pair, in the same colour and you are ready to hit the cold winter streets. You can contrast them to your jacket or coat, be playful with the colours. Add boots and a bag and you’ve got yourself a super stylish combination.
  • Fedoras! – The fedora is a relatively new fashion accessory on the runways but has already made its mark on the street style. This stylish piece is amazing for the bad-hair-days when you just want to hide your messy hair, or if you want to protect the hair when windy days hit the streets.
  • Rain-boots – Just like the fedora, rain-boots are new on the runways. Made from rubber, these are perfect for rainy days and even for snow! Match them with your bag in the same colour and you got yourself a stylish practical combination for not so practical weather.
  • Fur – The trademark of the winter season. You can never go wrong with fur. Make it a part of your outfits. The latest trend are fur vests worn on top of a leather jacket. Middle length, they are perfect for mild winter days.

As a final note, always remember to combine your accessories with your entire outfit in terms of both colour and material. Your outfit should match the weather and the season; you don’t want to look like a summer street singer in a snowy weather or the opposite!

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