Unique Birthday Gift for a 5 year old girl


Finding a birthday gift for a 5-years-old should not be a problem. There are so many kids store offering wide range of items you can choose from. However, buying your princess a unique gift, something she’ll talk about for months, can be challenging since she has so many things already. Here are few ideas that will help you steer away from the ordinary.

Go On A Shopping Spree


Your daughter probably has enough clothing already. In fact, she may not even wear some pieces. And you most likely purchase most of the girls clothes onlinewithout considering your daughter’s opinion. But, why not let her choose her own outfits. Take her to the mall and let her be her own stylist for a change. Or even better, sit with her in front of the computer and browse together for skirts, pants and crop tops for girls. There are so many online retailers which offer numerous girls dresses sale. After all, a girl can never have too many dresses and it will be a nice and fun way to spend time with your princess. You surely do not agree with her choice of clothing all the time, but make an exception for her birthday and let her browse all online girls dresses saleand allow her to fill the cart with her choice of girls clothes online. Of course, be her guide as she would most likely want almost every tutu dress or fluffy skirt and all crop tops for girls.

Buy Her A Castle


Create a little kingdom in your garden and surprise your princess with her own cubby house. It does not have to be pink per se, but creating her own private space will surely thrill her. And just how great it would be not to have to drive to the park every day. With a new cubby house, you can create super safe and friendly playground in your backyard. And you can easily turn any cubby house into a castle by adding few accessories such as pink curtains, paper crowns and toy-size royal furniture. You daughter will spend her summer days locked in her new cubby house castle. And the best part is, you’ll be able to keep an eye on her and even play pretend games.

Get Her A Pet


How surprised your little princess would be when you introduce her to her new best friend? Kids are big fans of animals, which can actually boost development of certain motor and mental skills in children. And at this age, children are already aware that animals are living creatures and not just stuffed animals. Consider buying a pet for your 5 year old girl and make her birthday memorable.

Take Her To A Theater


Why not take your daughter to a kids show, like ‘Disney On Ice’ for example. Give her a chance to personally meet the world of wonder; the world of heroes and princesses; the world where good defeats evil and love prevails all. She would be delighted to explore the world above the waves with Ariel; sing with Aurora in hope to find prince charming; and ride the magic carpet with Aladdin and together show a whole new world to his princess Jasmine. Buy tickets now at Hisense Arena in Melbourne and make Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Tiana and Rapunzel reality. You too will enjoy the stories told by the princesses and dashing heroes as they skate their way on the ice. Be a part of the unforgettable night Disney on Ice presents.

Make It A Horseback Riding Day


Why not arrange for a day with ponies. Is there anything more exciting than a day filled with helmets, saddles, horse games and other crafts. This will be so exciting for her since she will not only be able to to ride a pony, but brush and feed this friendly animal. There are many camps which offer pony rides, lessons and fun birthday activities. For example, you can schedule pony forest rides in Kinglake for your daughter and her friends. Or make this a fun family day. Do not forget to take your camera to memorize this moment.

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