Save Time, Money and Stress by Zipping Around the City with Boosted Boards

Boosted Board

Electric boards have been riding a surge in popularity the past couple of years, with Boosted being one of the leading players. Thanks to their iconic orange wheels, it’s also one of the more recognizable kinds of electric skateboards. They are a modern form of the traditional skateboard which saw a spike in popularity in the last years of the 20th century among teens and young adults as an everyday means of transportation. But although these convenient pieces have been around for several years now, many people are still confused about what separates them from traditional boards and what are their benefits. Luckily, we’re here to clear up that confusion.

What is a Boosted Board?

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It is an electric skateboard that makes getting around the city extremely simple and fast. It features a slim motor and a battery that works to spin the rear wheels. The motor generally uses dual carbon belts, the same ones used with e-bikes. Powering the board is done with a 40V lithium-ion phosphate battery. In order to control the speed, there is a hand-held device that is simple to operate. Although Boosted boards are available in different models, in general, they can carry about 110 kilos of weight. As for the top speed of these boards, it goes about 30 km/h, which is a whole lot faster than walking.

How a Boosted Skateboard Can Benefit You?

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Skateboarding is a fun activity and doing it with an electric Boosted board makes it the ultimate experience. With these boards, you will feel like you are practically hovering in the air. Since you don’t have to use your feet to push the board into motion, you’ll be able to enjoy the ride longer without tiring. Because these ‘modern vehicles’ don’t burn fossil fuels, nor do they release pollutant gases into the environment like gas-powered scooters do, they are considered more environmentally-friendly.

A Boosted electric skateboard provides users with a different way to commute and travel from point A to point B. And although it does not move as fast as a car, it does offer a fair amount of speed. For short trips where it just doesn’t pay off to drive but you really don’t want to walk, this board is an excellent option. With a single charge, you can travel up to 20 kilometres with it. This means you can travel quite a distance in a short time with it. This is usually the kind of commute people often use public transit, cabs or even their car for. If you live in a particularly big city, those 20 kilometres can take quite some time to travel. With the help of an electric board, you will be able to zip past all the traffic and reach your destination quickly.

When it comes to how these boards perform on steep inclines, there is no need to worry too as the board’s motor is able to handle up to 25% grade when climbing hills. That’s actually quite steep, which means that in most cases you should be just fine. When travelling downhill and need to stop suddenly, the brakes are engaged instantly and you can stop without an issue.

These boards are also constructed to be durable enough to handle rough and uneven terrain in urban areas. By using vehicle-grade durability features, Boosted boards can take whatever they come across on the road. Because the deck of the board is made from bamboo, you’ll also find that it is great at absorbing shock as you go over uneven terrain.

Considering the fact that rain can be unpredictable, you’re probably wondering are Boosted boards waterproof? Before buying, it is very important that you check whether the electric board that you are getting is waterproof. After all, you don’t want to be left stranded in case it starts raining and you’re out with your new board, do you? It’s essential to check this before making your purchase because not all electric skateboards on the market come with enclosures that protect the components inside. The Boosted electric skateboard is waterproof.

Which Boosted Board to Choose?

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When you compare the ride of the Mini with Standard Boosted electric skateboards, the biggest bridges between the two are the smaller deck length, concave surface and kicktail. Choosing one model over the other comes down to terrain and style preference. The Mini is more suitable for crowded and tight spaces, whereas longboards are better for long-distance cruises. You should also consider your storage space. Will the Mini model will work better for you than a massive longboard for when you’re not riding it? Also, keep in mind your build – if you’re smaller, the Mini series might be the better choice for you. Price is also a factor to consider, the Mini models make for a high-quality yet affordable electric ride.

Maintaining Your Skateboard

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After you’ve bought your skateboard and started enjoying its perks, you’ll need to learn how to take care of it, so that you do not face any issues riding it. After every two or three rides, it is suggested that you remove the wheels and clean them with soapy water, dry them and then fix them on the board again. After cleaning the wheels, you need to grease the bearings so that they are smooth, which will help taking sharp turns smoothly.

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