Which Outdoor Furniture Material Is Durable and looks unique and attractive?

When you think of your outdoor furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is whether you remembered to cover it in case it starts pouring in the middle of the night. You do not want to wake up in the morning just to see that everything is wet, the cushions soaked, the wood started to feel softer and it has even started to smell. Or maybe if it is made of plastic or metal, it is so wet that it opened a whole new chore for you that was not on your agenda.

However, knowing the characteristics of every material used for manufacturing outdoor furniture will ease your life a lot. Especially when you need to get a whole new patio set, or refresh the old one. So, when you come across outdoor furniture for sale, be prepared and bear in mind these few things.

1. Plastic is convenient and least expensive

When looking at outdoor furniture for sale, if you plan on moving it, cleaning it regularly and leaving it on the open without worrying it will get damaged from various weather elements, your best bet is to get a plastic patio set. Plastic is water resistant, so you will not have a problem leaving the set in the open when it rains. You will need to wipe it afterward, but at least it will not be damaged. Plus, plastic furniture can be found in a lot of shapes and forms, so you can choose something according to your taste.


2. Wood requires care

Wooden outdoor furniture will be expensive, even if you find it on an outdoor furniture for sale action. Still, if you aim towards a warmer, natural design of your outdoor area, wooden furniture is a great choice. Options like hardwoods (teak, shorea and jarrah) are very long-lasting – up to 50 years, while roble and redwood have a shorter life of just 25 years. However, wooden patio sets require a lot of care. Although they are durable, you would want to cover them when it rains so you can use them the next day. Otherwise, you will need to wait for them to dry.

3. Wicker is fancy and convenient

Wicker can be synthetic or natural and is very easy to work with, because you can pull off a lot of designs with it, from simple and elegant to rustic or chic. It is basically woven wood, very durable and lightweight, so it is easy to move anywhere. Since it is a lot harder to find and produce, natural wicker is costly, and on the other hand, synthetic wicker is a lot cheaper.

4. Metal can rust

Metal is a convenient choice but not in the long run. It is simple: it can rust, especially if you leave it out in the open when it rains. However, different types of metal react differently and have different properties: wrought iron is strong and durable and it is a great choice if you want to accomplish a formal and more elegantly looking outdoor area. Wrought iron needs a lot of care to prevent from rusting and corrosion, since it is very sensitive to such changes. Aluminum does not have that problem, it does not rust and it does not fade, thanks to the powder-coated finish. Plus, it has a very nice appearance, so if you are aiming towards achieving any contemporary style, aluminum is your best choice.

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