If Unique Is What You Want to Define Your Design – This is Your Guide

Finally moved out of your parents’ and are thrilled to live alone? However liberating, the prospect of moving in all by yourself can be also daunting for a young person. So many options and decisions to make, if only mom and dad were here to help you. But hey, worry not and do not give up just yet – we know the struggle and luckily, we are here to help.

Find Your Style

Have you figured out how you want your new home to feel like? If not, try looking at pictures of other people’s places to get an idea and then start decorating around it. However, keep in mind that there has to be cohesion between the style you picked and the furniture items you have. For instance, a 21-st century style home requires a modern chair set combined with a table and pieces of furniture in that particular style. On the other hand, if you opt for a more antique feel, you can find your closest dealer at the Australian Antique and Arts Association’s website. Whatever you choose, it should reflect your own personal taste.

modern chair

Distribute Your Budget Wisely

Determine your budget upfront; how much are you willing to spend on furniture and decor? If you don’t have enough money to decorate all rooms, pick the one you’ll use most (probably the living room) and start there. Do not hesitate to invest and go for high quality furniture pieces as these should stay in a good condition and serve you for many years to come. However, do not splurge on ornaments and décor pieces that don’t have a significant practical use and you can frequently replace them for the sake of creating a different ambiance

Choose a Colour Palette

Get inspired! Do you like yellow? Or maybe red, pink, or whatever colour that makes you feel good when surrounded by it. Spray little hints of it all around the room. For a more creative look, think about your favourite piece of art and how the colours are combined in it and try to imitate it in the room’s accessories. Here’s a tip: put the accent on the accessories and avoid buying any crucial piece of furniture in a different colour than neutral (in order to have the most freedom when setting up the style of the room) For example, choose a neutral colour chair, and then find a nice modern chair cushion in your desired colour. This way, you will have the opportunity to spice things up with a different colour every once in a while.

Add Character with Inexpensive Art

Nobody likes bare walls, they look dull, rigid and bring back memories of hospital visits. You don’t have to be an expensive art snob to hang some paintings, you just need to be on the lookout for cute and cheap art collections which you can easily find on the internet. Even if you already have a favourite piece of art, you can always find a nice print of it. And here’s a much better idea – put your creative force into use with some DIY painting which can take your mind off the stress that comes with the moving.

Comfort Tops Looks

We’ve all seen a meticulously set up room that simply screams discomfort! Invest in a nice sofa, and if you live with another person, don’t forget a comfortable modern chair for when you want to read but the sofa is taken. Also, make sure to leave enough free space to move around – nobody likes constantly bumping into random pieces of furniture.

All in all, be playful and creative! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – you can always fix and up your décor game. After all, this is your home and it’s you who has to like it and feel comfortable in it, not the designer.

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