Essential Equine Equipment Buying Guide

Nothing compares to having a horse as a pet. So much so, that calling them a pet doesn’t really describe the relationship a man, a woman or even a child has with these majestic, loyal, intelligent and playful companions. They live longer than other domestic animals, so they accompany their humans for longer.

There is a reason horses always symbolised freedom, strength and loyalty, and have such a big place in folklore and legends, literature and art across the globe. In some cultures, a horse was considered a symbol of power, in others an emblem of war, a sign of good fortune etc. And people have always admitted that while they can serve them, they can’t really be owned or completely tamed.

The Responsibility of Being a Horse Owner

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If you are just getting a horse, there are some straightforward guidelines that you can follow in order to be prepared for most situations. There is a list of several essential items that you’ll need to get, including a saddle, bridle, bit, reins, grooming and healthcare products, as well as products for many other purposes. And of course, before anything else, you need to learn everything you can about keeping a horse healthy and recognising signs of health issues, as well as know the best veterinary hospital in your vicinity.

Horses have their own character, physical characteristics, temperament etc., and keeping your horse healthy and happy is your responsibility. So, caring for a horse is a huge commitment. But, undoubtedly, all of that effort is worth it. Having a horse extremely beneficial both for your physical and mental health. Horse riding is a great physical activity, which also creates a bond between you and your horse, and it offers an experience that’s unparalleled with any other activity that you can do with a pet.

Today there are approximately 400 thousand Australians who care for horses with one million domestic horses. If you are about to join this beautiful adventure, you’ll have to make sure you have all the essential equipment and accessories, also called horse tack, as well as find the perfect food, snacks, as well as plastic barrels or cones for your horse to play with, and buy them a fun toy to fight off boredom and anxiety.


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The first thing you notice when you are looking at domestic horses, aside from their glamour, of course, is their headgear, consisting of several pieces. The purpose of this horse tack is above all for guiding, and it’s vital for horse riding. And, when you are buying them, don’t forget that your horse will always wear them. All of this, essentially, makes finding a good quality bridle, as well as a bit and rains, one of the most important tasks you’ll have when it comes to buying essentials.

Horse bridles are used to direct the horse. It is made of a few elements, namely the headpiece or crownpiece, the cheekpieces, the noseband, and many more. They come in many different types, with different features. Some can carry one or two bits, one or two sets of rains, etc. Different types are used in different styles of horse riding. There are also bitless bridles, called hackamores, which use nosepieces instead of a bit to control the horse. The material used for horse bridles is traditionally leather, but it can also be synthetic.

When you are buying the equipment that goes on the head of the horse, you’ll need to know the size of their head, as well as their mouth. The bridle has to fit perfectly. The headpiece that holds the horse bit should be chosen according to the horse’s head. The bit, a part of the horse mouthpiece that’s inserted in his or her mouth, is more complicated to choose because it has a huge impact on the horse’s comfort. Bits can be made of steel, copper or rubber. When you are choosing the rains, on the other hand, you’ll have to think about your own comfort, so you need to find good quality material, that will be comfortable and won’t irritate your skin.


girl and horse with saddle on it

Another horse tack that has to do with your own comfort while horse riding, saddles can wreak too much havoc on your horse’s back. This is why it’s important that it’s fitted perfectly and that it suits the animal’s shape and size. While comfort is important, the most important purpose of the saddle, along with other tacks that go with it, is to keep you safe while riding and help you stay away from doctors. Saddles come in many different styles for different disciplines. They are held into place by saddle pads, which is important especially for the horse because it protects them from the hard material of the saddle.

Saddles have traditionally also been made of leather, but nowadays you can also find options made of synthetic materials. Furthermore, stirrups are attached to the saddle, so you can get up on your horse’s back, and help you stay stable on the saddle while riding. For extra safety, you can also get a breastplate, which prevents the saddle from sliding.

Physical and Mental Care

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There are many common risks for horses, such as worms, tetanus etc. Another common threat to horses is boredom and anxiety. To prevent all of these potential issues from endangering your horse’s body and mind, you need to learn as much as possible about these beautiful animals.

Horses are almost always described as beautiful, strong, powerful, playful and happy creatures, and when you have your own, it’s your job to keep them that way. To take proper care of your animal, you’ll need several products, including brushes, clippers, combs, grooming gloves, bathing supplies, supplements, etc.

In nature, horses are very active, they leave in a herd, and they need a lot of stimulation to be happy. There are a lot of things that will affect his or her mental health condition and behaviour. To keep them mentally engaged, apart from spending as much quality time with them as needed, you can also invest in horse toys, and don’t forget to keep the stable clean, practical and comfortable, because they’ll spend a lot of time in it.

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