Beyond Fun: Adult Push Scooters Are Unique and Environmentally Positive Form of Transport

When I was a little girl, I lived through a bike accident – a car hit the back wheel of my bike avoiding my legs for just a few millimetres. And I loved my bike and riding it; it was good for the body, for the peace of mind and it took me from my home at the end of the city to the centre in no time – pretty convenient. But once that event happened I carefully stored it in the basement and sadly never rode it again.

However, time passed and circumstances changed and now that I was a grown woman going to work every morning, I needed something to shorten the time I spent to get to the office and not be a bike. While searching for online retailers on easy and simple transport means, I stumbled upon something really convenient and rather cute: an adult push scooter for sale. And on sale!


What exactly is a push scooter?

The name itself says it very clearly: it’s a type of scooter you’d push with your body. It’s a transporting mean consisting of a footboard mounted on two small silicone wheels managed by a steering handle. You’d think that this is some kind of a child ‘s toy, but on the contrary. Apparently, it was invented back in 1996 by a Swiss company called Micro Mobility Systems. Normally, as the company’s name would suggest, these scooters were so small and compact they could easily fit in a backpack. That company still exists today and still produces push scooters, as my research has shown.

Mainly, in the adult push scooter for sale section in stores or online product listings, you’d find push scooters with pretty much the same construction:

  • a bar with grips, or a handlebar that serves as kind of a steering wheel for directing the scooter;
  • steering tube and a headset between the bars;
  • quick release for the stem or steering tube;
  • a front fork for the compression suspension system.


A collar clamp connects all these elements into a whole, connecting them to a deck or platform on which you’d stand on and from where you’d push. There are also the wheels and the rear brake to complete the scooter.

Riding a push scooter is economical and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t require any type of fuel to run on, just your calories. And most importantly, it keeps the environment safe, so you won’t feel responsible for emitting dangerous gases in the atmosphere. They are most commonly found on the market – made of aluminium, small silicone wheels and handles, these are also known as “kick scooters” or the original push scooters. Besides these, you can find other types on the market such as stunt scooters, which have fixed and non-folding handlebars and are painted in a very cool way. As you would imagine, these are influenced largely by the skate culture.

Bottom line is, if you don’t want to ride a bike, but still want to avoid walking to your office because then you’d be so late, give the push scooter a fair try; you’d be surprised by how pleasant the ride can be. I sure am.

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