Enjoy The Unique Writing Style Of Dee Henderson With Unspoken

Unspoken is one of the many successful books of a well-known author in Christian community, Dee Henderson. Her books can be recognized by her unique writing style which leaves no romance lover indifferent. With the Unspoken book, Dee Henderson once again proved her unflawed writing skills.

The book will take you through many different situations and you will “meet” many interesting characters. The heartwarming story entwined with a sense of mystery and suspense and is what makes Unspoken noteworthy. It simply isn’t a common book with a predictable ending. The 400 pages will simply occupy your attention from beginning until the end.

The story of Unspoken book is about a life of the main character, a young girl named Charlotte and how she has lost and gained back her faith. Another interesting and important character of the book is Bryce Bishop. He runs a store for old coins. Charlotte and Bryce met when she decided to sell her coin collection she inherited from her grandfather. Bryce was simply charmed by Charlotte and her quietness and solitariness. But there was a reason Charlotte was so quiet and reserved.


For many years she kept a painful secret hidden, afraid other people will judge her. But, after some time, Charlotte started trusting Bryce and found strength to share her most painful past with him. The truth was, four years ago she has been kidnapped and the years spent in captivity had left an immense mark of Charlotte’s life.

But Charlotte somehow managed to turn new page in her life after the traumatic four years of being in captivity. She changed her name, found a new job and did everything that was in her power to improve her life. But, regardless of all her efforts to move on and even though she never spoke to anyone regarding her kidnapping, as pointed in the Unspoken book, those events were still haunting her. She tried very hard to bury the bad memories but never managed to heal the wounds that were so deep.

It wasn’t long after that she was challenged to choose whether she will keep the sour memories all to herself or will open up the old wounds. She was put in a situation where she had to face her sad past, but the revealing of her story would help solve a cold case, a murder which happened during the period of her kidnapping. Should she deal with her old painful memories and help resolve another mystery or is it better to keep certain things unspoken? To find out which path Charlotte decided to take, get the Unspoken book. You’ll have hard time putting down the book.

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