Doughnut Fryer: A Simple and Fast Way to Make Doughnuts

There is hardly a person that doesn’t like doughnuts. There are versatile toppings and are as individual as the person indulging in one. That being said, if you own a sweets shop and want to include doughnuts, there are machines that help in the making process, and if you opt for a high-quality one you will ensure that your sweets shop becomes doughnut heaven for many. One such doughnut machine Australia shops swear by is a doughnut fryer. Here is how these work.

doughnut machine

First of all, it is important to know that there are commercial and compact fryers, and they are quite different. Commercial ones produce a huge amount of doughnuts in a short period of time. This is needed for those of you that plan to open a doughnut-related business, or you already have one. The compact one, on the other hand, is for home use or for smaller shops. These are quite portable, easily manageable but less productive. A similarity between the two is that both use oil in order to produce this lovely dessert. But let’s get back to the commercial type.

The technology today of this doughnut machine Australia doughnut-makers widely use is quite impressive and advanced. Most of them are fully automated, however, there are semi-automatic models as well. If you want your business to thrive, you need to make sure that you use a high-quality doughnut machine that is made of high grade stainless stell and has a production capacity from approximately 160 – 600 pieces per hour.

Once you understand how they operate, doughnut fryers are quite easy and simple to use. Basically, you put the recipe into a special container that forms the dough, then this is dropped from the container into the oil and it gravitates down the carriageway by an automated paddle wheel. Furthermore, most professional fryers use this conveyor method and the “flip” method as well. How does this work? While the doughnuts move along, they will bump against the so-called “flip doors”. Next, an internal piece of gear uses a sidearm to push the doors up and flip the doughnut. Finally, the doughnut will fall onto a catch tray which is placed at the end of the machine.

After the work is done, it is time to think about cleaning the machine. The process starts by easily dissembling a part of the machine by removing a few screws and taking the oil carriageway out of the tank. Oil filtration is an everyday routine that is highly recommended so that the machine can last you a long time, and the doughnuts you make are of high quality. In order to drain the oil out, first, you need to make sure that the temperature level is low enough for you to touch that part of the fryer. Since safety is crucial, there are machines that have an in-built temperature sensor that will show you when it is okay for you to start cleaning.

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