Unique Pretend Play Toys That Are Both Fun And Educational

Pretend Play Toys

Kids are always open to new concepts and ideas. From early ages, kids constantly learn new things. As your kid grows, you need to get the right pretend play toys, in order to engage your kid in learning new skills. The pretend play toys can help your child learn about the world around him/her, while at the same time, have lots of fun. These toys and games can expand your kid’s knowledge and encourage curiosity about different things. Pretend play toys also help kids develop problem-solving, reading, research and reasoning skills. Here are some unique pretend play toys that are both fun and educational.

Play Kitchens Sets – For years, young children have enjoyed playing with play kitchens because they use their imagination to serve and cook for their siblings, family members and baby dolls. Most play kitchens include a variety of plastic vegetable and fruit items, and that’s how kids learn about the food they eat. Your children will enjoy serving pizza, salads, coffee as they pretend to have their own coffee shop or a restaurant. The play kitchens sets today come with many unique features like sounds, lights, grills, microwaves, cordless phones, laundry centers, and other things that stimulate pretend play. Beside this, your kids will have a lot of fun while playing with these play kitchens sets. They will develop social skills, math skills, learn how to identify fruits, vegetables and other foods, and they will also develop organizational skills.

Kidkraft Doll House – Dollhouses have their own charm. They provide great fun and a classic way for young kids to learn by using their imagination while playing with their friends and siblings. They come in many different sizes, styles and models, such as wooden Kidkraft doll house, collectible dollhouse, and dollhouses suited for younger children. Kids will love to decorate the rooms with miniature furniture pieces and to make the dollhouse a home for their dolls. The Kidkraft doll house ensures hours of fun, imaginative role play and learning. By playing with any Kidkraft doll house model, your little princess will develop problem solving and social skills.

Doctor Kit Play Set – Young kids love playing with doctor kit play sets, because they imagine themselves as doctors that take care of their little sisters, brothers, and toy animals. Investing in these unique pretend toys is a very beneficial, because they will help your kid develop social, language and problem solving skills. Doctor kit sets come with small plastic stethoscope and few other interesting medical tools. Usually these kit sets come in a case that keeps all the pieces organized and in one place. The doctor kit play sets are also compact and small, so your kid can take the set when traveling. These pretend play toys will keep your kids entertained at home or when on family vacations.

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