The Unique Role Of Magnetic Separator In The Mining Industry

Most people believe that the magnetic separator does not have a significant role in the mining industry, but it does, a big and unique role. Consisting a vibratory feeder, lower belt and magnet, the magnetic separator is a machine for separating magnetic compounds from a mixture. The magnetic separator plays an important role in all types of mine production and to get the most from one, the operator needs to choose a suitable type for the application. Magnetic separator for separating copper is one of the most commonly used separators, as it reduces the processing unit costs of materials, such as water consumption, maintenance, ease of operation and electricity consumption. But, each type is suitable for a different industry or application.

Magnetic separation in the mining industry is an excellent option for recycling, since mining applications throws away a lot of materials that can be reused for different purposes. The magnetic separators are able to maximize the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, so the companies can maximize their profits. However, the style and type of magnetic separator used in industry depends on its location within the process. For example, larger materials require large-sized magnetic separators for more efficient results.

Magnetic Separator

One popular magnetic separator is the self-cleaning type. Based on proven, but improved technology of electro magnets, the self-cleaning magnetic separator automatically sorts and separates metallic and non-metallic materials and is usually used for separating large volumes of metallic materials. This type of magnetic separator has a very unique working principle and can be mounted either in line or in cross with the conveyor belt. However, the most efficient and most commonly used type of magnetic separators used in the mining industry is the electro-magnet. This magnetic separator features suspended magnets, so are most suitable for suspended applications.

To protect a magnetic separator in a mining application, it is important the ferrous impurities to be removed as early as possible. Also, the most secure place for installing a magnetic separator is at the beginning of the conveyor system. Most magnetic separators for mining applications can be easily added on any conveyor system without changing the position of the separator. To increase the efficiency of a magnetic separator, a metal detector can be attached on it that will trap any material on its way of escaping. When the metal detector traps a material, the conveyor system automatically stops and requires a human command to continue the process.

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