How to Pick the Ideal Bicycle Storage: Exploring the Different Options

bike rack

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Have you ever thought about how storing your bicycle when it’s not in use impacts its longevity and safety? Proper bicycle storage ensures your ride is protected, saving you money down the road on repairs and replacement. The ideal way to store your bike will depend on a few factors, such as the type of bicycle you have, your budget, the available storage space and the weather conditions. While these factors all need to be considered, the ideal storage solution for you will come down to your personal preferences and needs.

indoor bike rack

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Generally speaking, there are two types of bicycle storage solutions – indoor and garage. While yes, you can also store your bicycle outdoors, it’s not something I’d recommend, as it will leave it exposed to the elements, accidents and theft. That being said, if you have a spacious yard, you can get a shed and store your bicycle inside it. These units are affordable and provide great value. You can shop for quality, weather-resistant sheds online that are made solely for the purpose of storing bikes, are small in size and can be put together in a matter of hours.

bicycle cover

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But what if you live in an apartment complex or simply don’t have enough space for a shed? A great solution, in that case, would be a bicycle cover. Bicycle covers oftentimes get a bad rep, simply because people don’t put a lot of thought into buying one, and they just get the cheapest or the first one they come across. Quality bicycle covers are made of thick materials that are rated at least 600D (D stands for denier – a test for durability and strength), cover your bicycle entirely, and are convenient to use and transport.

vertical bike rack

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If you have a garage, you won’t have to deal with any of the aforementioned issues. Even if you park your car inside the garage and don’t have too much floor space at your disposal, there are vertical racks for bicycles. These units allow you to store your ride in tight spaces, such as awkwardly shaped garages, apartments, offices, etc. Additionally, vertical racks for bicycles are a great way to display your prized possession. They are easy to install, don’t take up valuable floor space, and won’t break your bank, so it’s definitely an option worth considering.

horizontal bike rack

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Horizontal bike racks provide the same benefits as vertical bike racks, except your bike will be placed horizontally, and you’ll have more creative decor options. For instance, you can place it close to the ceiling to keep it out of the way in the winter season, or you can integrate it into your existing decor. Horizontal bike racks are easier to install because all you need are quality hooks to hang the bike. Installing horizontal bike racks requires the same considerations as installing vertical racks – measuring your space and taking into account how many bikes you need to store.

bicycle floor rack

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If you have sufficient floor space in your garage, then the obvious choice would be a floor rack. This is the simplest storage solution, consisting of just an arm to hold the front wheel securely, and the rest of the stand is there to hold the bike in place. Look for a floor bike stand with spring-loaded arms if you want to easily lock and unlock your bike. Floor bike stands are available in many variations, some of which allow you to store up to several bikes, making them ideal for collectors or families that bike together.

bicycle hook

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If you’re storing your bike in a small garage, apartment, office or home, you’ll need a few accessories, such as bike hooks, hangers and wall mounts. Bike hooks are affordable and you can set them up on any wall. They’re designed to your specific needs, so you can get decorative, engraved or just plain ones. The important thing to consider is how much weight they support, and you’ll need to measure properly before installing them on the wall to avoid punching too many holes.

bike hanger

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Bike hangers are extremely popular as they’re more secure than hooks. However, they’re more expensive and are more difficult to install. On the upside, you can do some interesting things with them, such as combine them with pulleys, lifts and locks. Bike wall mounts are similar to hangers, but with more lifts and pulleys so that you can easily mount the bike on the ceiling or the wall. You can use wall mounts to store bikes both horizontally and vertically.

Bottom line is, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the best bicycle storage solution, as it depends on several factors that include the space you have access to, the number of bikes you want to store as well as their length, height and weight, the weather considerations, your budget and your specific security needs. Personally, I use a floor bike stand as I have enough room in my garage for it, but when I travel across the outback, I take with me a bike cover, simply because it’s the most portable and convenient solution.

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