The Different Kitchen Window Blinds to Complement Your Tasks and Interior

Whether you like cooking or not, we all love eating, getting together and gathering around the kitchen. Well-designed and functional kitchens are at the heart of this activity, so we certainly want this part of our home to be a lively place to hang out. And while, yes, kitchen window treatments are often an afterthought, they sure add functionality and aesthetic appeal to this part of our home. Let’s take a look at how to choose the ideal kitchen window blinds to complement our kitchen tasks.

Need Clean?

If you have windows across or over the stove or sink and if you are often tossing dirty pans, pots and dishes in the sink, then your best bet is looking for kitchen window blinds that are easy to clean.

  • Wooden blinds and shutters – Faux wood blinds can withstand the abuse of water splotches and messy spots and can be wiped easily with a damp cloth without warping. If you have an entire wall of windows across this area, consider PVC blinds. They are the perfect option for busy areas like kitchens. Wooden shutters are super easy to care for and they will give your kitchen a timeless and refined look. Shutters are always a good choice for window covers whether you need them for your kitchen or any other room in your home.
  • Solar Shades – Another great option for messy spaces as they can be easily cleaned. All you need to do is wipe them using water and soap. They offer a minimal look and as an added bonus they will keep out the glare from the sun out of your kitchen without blocking your view.


Need Colour?

If you have a kitchen in a neutral colour and want to make your space more energized and add a pop of colour, the right choice of window blinds can help you complete this without much effort.

  • Roller shades – Roller blinds with sprightly patterns or in a chic solid colour will instantly zing up any plain kitchen. These treatments seamlessly fit into windows and when rolled up into the frame – they brighten your view and the mood in the room. Fabric roller blinds will add variety and style to all non-splattering spots in the kitchen.
  • Cellular shades – If you are looking for colour, cellular shades are another smart choice. They are also great for increasing the energy efficiency in keeping the room cool in summer and warm in winter. These shades will bounce back easily as you open and close them, always looking brand new, adding an easy comfort to your kitchen.


Need Design?

If you need something that will instantly catch the attention of your guests and give the space a touch of luxury, look no further than Roman shades and woven wood shades.

  • Woven wood shades – This window treatment will give your space a more natural feel and will perfectly contrast the stainless steel appliances and other “hard” surfaces in your kitchen. Woven from like bamboo, jute, reeds, grasses and other natural materials, these shades are perfect for people who want to convert their home into a more natural oasis. Most kitchens are white or neutral, so installing woven shades will add more character and drama to this space.
  • Roman shades – Roman shades offer the soft beauty of drapery but with a more contemporary, relaxed feel. They are a perfect choice if you want to create a more fashionable kitchen and dining area. Coming in a variety of designs and patterns they can help you personalize your kitchen by bringing style and function to your space. They are easy to operate allowing you for easy light control and privacy.

Aside from the design and style, choosing the right size is also an important aspect of buying blinds for your home. This means you need to measure your windows right in order to purchase the right size of blinds. But how to measure windows for blinds? It’s simple, but you may need some instructions. There are two mount types: inside and outside mount. Depending on which type you prefer as well as the type of window blinds you choose, you need to measure differently.

Last but not least – the installation. If you’ve taken the measurements right, installing the blinds won’t be complicated. However, if you don’t feel handy or don’t have the tools for the job, your best bet is seeking help from the professionals.

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