The Uniqueness of The Washable Air Filter

Air filters should deliver both high airflow and superior dirt protection. Normally, the higher the airflow the higher the engine performance measured by horsepower and throttle response, which means the performance benefits of a proper airflow are very clear. This is why passionate car racers and people who simply like to speed it up always run to install a disposable air filter on their vehicle. They are seeking the additional horsepower and the throttle response that will make their car faster and stronger.

Washable Air Filter

However, it’s almost impossible to find two air filters alike. The specific airflow, the model and the overall filtration efficiency vary depending on the filter. Air filters should be evaluated on both their filtration efficiency and air capabilities because air flow and dirt protection are of a paramount importance when it comes to engine performance. One of the mostly used air filters these days are the washable ones. The washable air filter can be easily cleaned and oiled as many times as it’s reasonably necessary. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to wash your air filter every day or two, but it is preferable after every 30.000 or 50.000 miles. This is the awesome advantage and the uniqueness of the washable air filter and that’s why they are becoming more popular each day among car owners.

And it’s not just the handiness of the product! Quality washable air filters could save you gas and money, give your vehicle more power and even save the environment and it’s amazing when you think how much a little device can change your car’s life. They are specially designed to achieve high and virtually unrestricted air flow that will make sure the engine has a long life. With all the additional cleaning products that will loosen the dirt of the air filters without damaging them, your driving experience can become the craziest to date. You don’t need to own a special racing car to drive around like the Fast and Furious guys. With a small, simple yet very powerful secret device, you can now brag about your awesome, fast car without anyone noticing your new air filters. These washable inventions were created for people who love adrenaline and adore their cars, so don’t worry about their quality because they are usually made by these same people and they certainly wouldn’t want to hurt or destroy a car’s engine. The washable air filters are most definitely becoming a hit in the automobile world, so why don’t you give it a try too?

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