Reach Truck – Unique Material Handling Piece Of Equipment

Reach truck is one of the most useful narrow-aisle vehicles designed for loading and storing finished goods into tall shelving structures. Ideal for moving loaded pallets back and forth, or store the ones that are not required for immediate use. If you want your warehouses to look perfectly organized, then this unique material handling piece of equipment is a must.


Reach truck is quite popular on the market mainly due to its versatility. Whether you need it for storing pallets of finished goods or keeping the storage area clean, rely on this narrow-aisle truck. What makes the reach truck so special are the telescoping forks and outriggers in the front. Thanks to the hydraulic scissors type of mechanism and unique parts, operators are able to pick the load, retract it over the outriggers to reduce the overall load length, and drive the vehicle into narrower aisles.

Thus, if you want to save more time and storage space, consider buying reach truck. As mentioned above, thanks to the hydraulic system of the reach truck, operators can pick up the load and reposition it over the outriggers with ease. Remember that operators can easily maneuver the truck even in the narrowest aisles between the storage shelves. Once operator reaches the wanted destination with a reach truck full of pallets, he activates the fork using the hydraulic mechanism to swing and lower the goods inside the shelves. These are the specifications of the basic reach truck.

You can also get a straddle reach model. Compared to the first model, this type of reach truck uses the fork not only to slide it under the pallet, but also to grab the sides as well. This model provides greater security when dealing with fragile loads. Furthermore, if you want to save up to 50% of your aisle space, then buy double-deep reach truck.

This type has the same basic function and manner as the stand-up type, but extended reach mechanism. The telescope forks of this model are long enough to slide two pallets into shelves that are deep enough to store double pallets. Double-deep reach truck saves you extra time, as you don’t need to lift the fork up and down several times. Now operators can complete difficult tasks safely and quickly. Double-deep reach truck provides greater visibility at height, greater operator’s comfort and minimizes the risk of damaging materials that are being handled.

Most warehouses use all three types of reach truck in order to complete all tasks. But of course, you do not have to own all three. Depending on the size of your warehouse and work load, choose the type that will best ensure higher productivity and efficiency.

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