Timeless Appeal and Style – the Cult of the Concrete Bathroom Sink

Concrete elements are no longer reserved for industrial or ultracontemporary homes only. They are making waves in the home improvement industry, showing up in modern kitchens across Australia. Sustainable, durable and stylish, concrete bathroom vanities are the hottest design trend right now. They are a rather smart way to add a modern touch to a traditional home and the perfect choice for contemporary bathrooms.

A concrete bathroom sink immediately adds a sense of character and flair to your bathroom regardless of its interior design. If you’re thinking about remodelling or are taking on a new design project, it can be the perfect complement to your home or commercial bathroom.


The beauty of concrete sinks is that all designs are imperfectly perfect, and it is the little flaws that make them so beautiful and unique. So, if you want something different and one-of-a-kind, then a concrete bathroom sink is something that you should definitely consider buying. It immediately adds a sense of character and flair to the space and pairs beautifully with steel for an industrial look, or with wood for a more rustic, soft feel. Add natural elements like textiles and indoor plants and you have a unique and on-trend bathroom that works with a range of interior styles. Some people combine the sink and the vanity top, making it one piece. This is a stunning look that adds a distinct sense of style to your home or commercial setting.


Aside from having a very attractive and smooth look, a concrete sink is also incredibly durable. This means that it can handle traffic quite well. Whether you have children spilling drinks or pets jumping and scratching it, concrete will hold up against even the greatest offenders without showing wear and tear. Being difficult to damage, a concrete sink you will provide you with plenty of years of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Low Maintenance

One of the greatest reasons to invest in a concrete sink is how low-maintenance the material is. When installed correctly by a professional, it will resist stains and scuffs. Just wash it with a disinfectant once a week and wax it once every few months to ensure it stays shiny and sanitary.

The bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in any home and a beautiful sink design will be the visual centrepiece of it. So, make sure to choose it smartly for an everlasting appeal!

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