The Unique Chinese Antiques You Must Own

Chinese antiques not only add vintage style to offices or homes, but also bring in the rich Chinese history and the impeccable craftsmanship. But why do people collect Chinese antique pieces, you may wonder. Firstly, people collect antique pieces because they are considered beautiful. Secondly, the craftsmanship is usually outstanding and thirdly, Chinese antique pieces have certain uniqueness about them which is what real antique collectors treasure most. Also, Chinese antiques are usually small in size and can easily and safely be displayed without taking too much of the space. Snuff bottles, jade cravings and pendants are just some of the unique antique pieces collectors are after. All of these pieces are unique works of art, not only because they are hand made, but also because of the material they are made out of.


Chinese snuff bottles come in great variety, but it is the stone snuff bottles that will grab your attention and satisfy your antique-loving nature. Not only were these bottles formed from a lump of rock that are amazingly well hollowed through such a tiny hole, but some even features pictures from inclusions or natural markings that are found within the stone. Used for carrying powdered tobacco during the Qing Dynasty, these unique Chinese antiques surely are worthy of the attention and will complete your collection of Asian antiques.

Pendants are also common Chinese antiques and cost much less than genuine snuff bottle. No hollowing out was included in making these pendants, even though some are amazingly undercut and superior carving skills are evident. Really, fine pendants are very rare, even more rare than snuff bottles, although their price is much lower. This is because there are not so many pendant collectors as there are snuff bottle collectors. Same as with bottles, there are also many pendants of poor quality that are quite easy to find on the market. Thus, make sure you appraise the piece before you buy it.

Jades are also favorable Chinese antiques. At least smaller jade carvings. They are far more expensive antiques than the larger jade carvings, snuff bottles and pendants considering the amount of work as well as the size of the stone. However, the level of quality is the same. These carvings can be found in many different forms, such as figures, animal sculptures, boxes, bowls, boulder and screens carvings. It is amazing when you see how much f hard work had been put into creating these Chinese antiques. No wonder they are considered collectibles and are rare and valuable.

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