Unique Ways to Organise Your Office for Maximum Efficiency

It’s no secret that your working environment affects how you perform. A messy and disorganized office can feel overwhelming and badly reflect on your work. Even though the work in an office mainly takes place around the computer, the rest of the office should be designed to help you be as productive as possible. A well-organized office ensures employees stay focused on the right things, but it also makes a good impression on clients when visiting. As most organizations are familiar with the obvious rules of organizing their space, here are some unusual ways to make offices more efficient.

office trolleys

Support the Flow of Activity with Office Trolleys

While we usually consider the office a static place where everyone is a chair-potato, there’s still a lot of movement going on. It’s quite often that files and folders need to be lugged from one department to another, and dropping them on the ground is not a scenario where you meet a cute co-worker. It’s actually a disaster when weeks-worth of organized files get all mixed up. With that being said, it’s a lot better to use office trolleys for transporting files and different pieces of equipment on a daily basis. This also saves workers from potential injuries that can happen when lifting and carrying heavy loads. What’s more, when not in use, office trolleys can function as filing cabinets or bookcases as they often come with multiple shelves and drawers. They also have the additional benefit of being able to be wheeled to whatever part of the office you want without any heavy lifting.

Tame Unruly Cables

The more employees in an office, the more computers and electronic devices there are – which also means more cables to deal with. Not only are they an ugly sight and a magnet for dust and dirt, but cables are also a tripping hazard. This makes it even more important to get them out of the way and properly organized. One way to get on top of cable clutter, is to label all the different cords. Silver sharpies are the best marker for writing on cords, but you can also use old bread tags as DIY labels. If you have longer cords, you can try to wrap them in much smaller bundles with the help of these techniques. While there’s no way you can get rid of cables, you can at least keep them away from plain sight. For instance, you can try taping them to the bottom of your desk or using special cable management tools.

Alternative Ways to Increase Your Workspace

Let’s be honest, the average desk (with or without drawers) is designed to only fit a computer, some documents and a few personal items. But more often than not, employees tend to over-clutter theirs with a variety of other things which can create a suffocating mess. If you feel like you have a lot of important stuff your regular desk can fit, try to think of ways to expand your workspace. There are a few tricks to do so. For one, you can make use of the vertical space by installing shelves on the wall adjacent to your desk. If there’s no wall, try to enhance the surface of your desk by using organization trays with multiple tiers. You can also try installing adjustable monitor arms which can position your monitor at a suitable height for your neck, and free up some useful room on your desk.

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