The Hans Wegner Chair: A Unique and Timeless Design

Chairs are fundamental pieces of furniture for every home. And as they are available in a plethora of designs, materials and colours, picking a good chair for a room is something many of us can struggle with. While just about any craftsman can build you a good enough chair, only Danish designer gets to earn the special distinction of having created the Chair. A result of meticulous craftsmanship, the Hans Wegner Chair has captivated homeowners and interior designers alike, making it the most iconic chair in the history of Danish design.

Although it was in 1949 that Hans Wegner designed his masterpiece, this unique round chair with a single, curved back rail of finely shaped wood is still incredibly popular today. What makes this chair so sought after is its elegant simplicity and timeless style. Like all specimens of the Danish modern, this chair too is known for its organic form, exceptional functionality and durability. And today, we can see several takes on the iconic design that use the same virtues of craftsmanship.

The Wishbone Chair


This is probably the most famous Hans Wegner chair know for its great versatility. The Wishbone chair works great as an occasional chair in the most elegant of parlors, adds a sophisticated touch in the dining room, and can look just as stunning around a home office. Wishbone is the perfect choice for modern, Scandinavian inspired settings and thanks to its organic curves can fit perfectly in all kinds of oriental themes such as Asian or Indian.

The Shell Chair


Another Wegner favourite is the Shell Chair. This 1998 design, has become an instant classic despite being a three legged chair. It features winglike lines and three laminated, tapered legs that give the design a certain airy lightness. The backrest and the seat are made from hardwood laminate and can be easily upholstered in fabric or leather. The beauty of this unusual chair is that it is so comfortable that it can be both a lounger and a looker.

The Elbow Chair


Don’t let the name fool you, the elbow chair has no armrests to relax your elbows on. However, it has a sleek, attractive look that makes it an excellent desk chair as well as a beautiful bistro seating option. Designing this chair, Wegner experimented with revolutionary materials such as moulded veneer. The chair’s seat features an incredible 11 layers of this material, giving it exceptional stability and comfort.

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