Zooming in on the Features of Adjustable Standing Desks

If you are someone who spends most of their day bent over a desk, then you know all too well the problems sitting in the same position for hours can cause. Over 80% of office workers have at some point complained about having back problems and experiencing discomfort during work. Thankfully, with the introduction of adjustable standing desks we now might be able to eliminate this problem. These types of desks are very functional and beneficial, so without further ado, let’s see why it is so and what they can offer.

Height adjustable workstations

Stability & Sturdiness

In order to be sure that your desk is stable, you first need to know how many items you are going to have on it. Your monitor, keyboard, document holder with all the documents in it and other personal items – all of these objects add to the weight that your desk needs to lift. So when you are deciding on a model, you need to make sure not only that the depth of the desk fits your office but also that it’s powerful enough to lift all of you office equipment. A general rule to keep in mind is that the more legs the desk has, the more stable it’s going to be. In general, hight adjustable desks are very stable – you just need to make sure you don’t exceed their weight limit.

Height-Adjusting Mechanism

There are two ways in which height adjustable workstations can be elevated – either by an electrical motor or by a manual crank. Manual cranks are not as common but they are silent and don’t take much work to set up. However, most height adjustable workstations have an electrical motor to do the job. These are also very silent and completely unnoticeable. With just a push of a button, you can adjust your desk to the height that is right for you. Most electrically powered standing desks also have “smart” height adjustable controls that remind you when to stand up and even automatically change their height. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Height Range

The height range of adjustable workstations should include all of the positions that your body is comfortable working in, whether it is sitting, standing or perched somewhere in between. People who are very tall or very short can receive the most advantages from this type of desk. All desks have a standard, but sometimes it doesn’t include all body sizes so now short people can adjust the desk to its lowest setting and feel comfortable using it whereas tall people they can do the opposite and raise the desk to fit them perfectly.

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