The Unique Benefits of Upright Fridge Freezers for Commercial Kitchens

When you’re running a hospitality business that deals with food preparation, investing in reliable commercial-grade refrigeration is essential for your success and reputation. The right type of commercial refrigeration ensures perishable products and ingredients are safe from harmful bacteria growth and perfectly fresh for serving. Without a doubt, restaurant owners need to pay a great deal of attention when choosing this vital part of commercial kitchen equipment.

large capacity upright fridge freezer

When choosing commercial refrigeration for your kitchen, there are a lot of things to consider. Factors unique to your business, such as budget size and available floor space, and factors concerning the refrigeration unit, like size, capacity, ease and cost of maintenance, compartments and other additional features are of great importance. As you can see, there’s a variety of things to account for and unfortunately, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. However, upright fridge freezers are one of the most versatile refrigeration units with plenty of advantages for a commercial kitchen.

Save Floor Space

If you own a busy and somewhat cramped kitchen, it’s important to come up with a smart floor plan that can fit all your appliances as well as sinks and preparation counters. Considering this, a large capacity upright fridge freezer can be the solution for all your refrigeration needs without taking up valuable floor space. By opting for such an integrated unit, you’ll get both – a fridge and a freezer at the same time, saving you from the hassle of buying two separate appliances. Chest freezers and horizontal refrigerators, on the other hand, take up significantly more space.

Great for Organization

All vertical units, including the large capacity upright fridge freezer we mentioned, are the best choice when it comes to organizing food and ingredients. They usually feature a great number of shelves and compartments you can use for separating different foods, ensuring the different tastes and aromas don’t mix. Plus, a nicely stocked fridge makes it easier for the kitchen staff to find what they need, which is crucial for the workflow in a busy kitchen.

Reduce Your Electricity Costs

When you opt for a separate fridge and a separate freezer, not only do you get two different units but you also increase your electricity costs. Maintaining a specific temperature 24/7 requires a great deal of energy, which makes fridges and freezers among the most power-hungry appliances in a commercial kitchen. Having this in mind, restaurant owners always look for ways to save on costs, including opting for integrated units with greater energy-efficiency. However, you can also reduce the costs of running your refrigeration unit by making sure you clean it regularly, keep the freezer full, do not let the door open ajar, and other simple acts which can translate into great savings.

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