5 Unique Car Mistakes That Can Cost You A Fortune

For many people owning a vehicle is a necessity. With the sprawling cities and an often lacking mass-transit system, unless you live in the heart of the city, you need a car. While crucial, a car is also one of the biggest wealth destroyers. Vehicles definitely carry a lot of expenses. Just take a look at what people drive and how much are they spending on their vehicles? Cars can eat away your money so quickly and keep you away from your retirement goals or becoming a millionaire. Even some minor mistake can cost you a lot and put your other more important financial goals in jeopardy.


Here are five unique car mistakes that can cost you a fortune.

Putting off an oil change – Since over the past few decades oil technology has improved drastically, it is still vital to change engine oil as recommended by the manufacturer. Motor oil brakes down slowly as it is circulated through the engine of the car. After a certain number of kilometers, the oil does not provide appropriate lubrication, causing the engine to wear out prematurely. In this case you must take your vehicle to engine service Melbourne, but remember that rebuilt or new engine will cost you thousands of dollars.

Changing tires without an alignment – An alignment will ensure you that the wheels of your vehicle are positioned right on the road. When your vehicle is out of alignment, tires wear out in places where they aren’t supposed to or prematurely. If this happens, you could find yourself spending hundreds on new tires for your car. For tires to be changed regularly, you should visit your local car service centre Melbourne.

Installing oversized aftermarket wheels – While some aftermarket wheels are specially designed to be compatible with certain cars, getting the wrong ones can harm your car’s suspension. Also, if you purchase wheels that are too large, you can damage your wheel wells and fenders. Replacing a damaged suspension requires a visit to a professional car service centre Melbourne and can cost thousands.

Buying a cheap battery – This is another mistake that can cost you a fortune. A dead battery is a big hassle. Often it means waiting for a jump start and then spending hundreds of dollars for a replacement. Buying an inexpensive battery can damage the electrical system of your car what requires extensive repairs that are not cheap.

Getting cheap body work – If you have a dent on your vehicle, always entrust a reputable car service centre Melbourne because cheap body work can cost you more than the original damage. To avoid such costly mistakes, rely on the professionals and take your vehicle to experienced and trustworthy car service centre Melbourne where you can get the best service for affordable price.

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