Give Your Open Concept Home a Unique and Functional Interior Design

The concept of open-plan living is becoming more and more popular simply because it provides many creative design opportunities, both in terms of furniture layout and decor. There are many aspects that make an open-floor space a practical and stylish feature of any modern home. Probably the biggest benefit of open floor plans is that they allow you to easily combine two different rooms and create one vast multi-functional space where you can host your guests in style, relax with your family and even work in the comfort of your home.

Another thing that makes open floor plans so appealing and practical is their ability to make even the smallest living spaces appear larger and less crowded. A tiny apartment can be transformed into a cosy retreat reflecting a bright and airy ambience by just replacing a confining wall with an island or portable wall dividers.

However, an open-concept layout does come with a few drawbacks, reduced sense of privacy being one of them. As mush as a large room can create flow and brighten up the space, it can also reduce privacy and make the home look rather messy and disorganized. That’s why it’s so important to carefully plan the layout of you furniture when designing your open-concept home. There are many ways you can create a unique open-floor living space with a functional layout. Large open space can appear rather cold and uninviting, so enhancing privacy is a great way to start.

To create a sense of privacy that every home needs consider making cosy corners with the help of wall dividers, which are ideal for giving your an open floor layout more intimate areas. Designing such a large space indeed gives a lot of creative freedom to lay out distinct areas, each serving a specific purpose. For instance, to create a lovely reading nook place a small sofa opposite a windows along with a chic side table where you can organize your books and other reading material. Finish off this unique design puzzle with a wall divider that will define and separate your cosy reading nook from the rest of the room.

In addition to using practical wall dividers, another great way to give your open-concept home a unique and functional interior design is by using practical and stylish lighting. The right lighting design can help create a space that looks and feels more intimate and comfortable. In this case it all comes down to a smart use of lighting to light up all the different areas in such a large space. Make sure the task lights you choose are bright enough to provide the required amount of illumination for performing a variety of tasks, be it reading, cleaning, hosting, etc. The ambient lighting should provide a soft and pleasant glow that will make your house feel more homey and inviting.

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