Led Downlights: Highlight every room’s best feature and set a mood

Interior lighting is both an art and a science. The right mixture of lighting can make our homes thrive functionally as well as aesthetically. And downlighting, in particular, plays a big role in successfully illuminating a home. When properly placed, downlights can highlight the features of your house you’re most proud of or help you focus better on the task before you. Whether it’s the living room, kitchen or bathroom, downlights are versatile fixtures which can be successfully implemented in any kind of setting – even outdoors.

I personally am a believer that with the right downlight scheme you can even completely illuminate a whole room. Ambient, task and accent lighting can all be achieved by investing in a modern, energy-efficient LED downlight kit. For ambient lighting, multiple downlights with a wide-angle beam placed evenly throughout the ceiling can efficiently disperse the light and illuminate the whole room. Downlights with a narrower beam on the other hand are perfect for more focused task lighting around key kitchen areas such as the sink, counters and stove.


Opposed to chandeliers and other hanging fixtures, downlights are a hassle-free minimalistic approach. Thanks to their sleek design they can subtly blend into the room’s ceiling, creating a sophisticated modern feel. This also makes them the smartest choice for ambient lighting in rooms with low ceilings. And when installed around the corners, the glow of downlights can even visually extend the walls making the room seem larger.

Although generally soft and unobtrusive, there’s no better way to add some drama to a room then with an LED downlight kit. If you own a fireplace, by installing a pair of downlights above it you can create an eye-catching and warm focal point in the room. Artwork subtly illuminated by these recessed lights can add a touch of sophistication in your living room. In terms of accent lighting, downlights with a gimbal fixture are flexible and can elegantly highlight many different elements around the room.

The nice thing about an LED downlighting kit, and all LED lights in general, is that you have the freedom to choose between warm or cool white, which is not possible with halogens and fluorescents that emit a yellowy glow. A cool white light looks professional and provides exceptional visibility for various tasks such as reading or cooking. On the other hand, warm white should be used in bedrooms and living rooms where it contributes to the overall sense of relaxation. Of course, there are also plenty of colourful downlight options which you can use for decorative lighting. Just be careful and don’t go over the top.

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