Unique Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Car’s Transmission System

Keeping your transmission in good condition prolongs the life span of your vehicle. All car parts are important, however transmission is essential for lubricating and cooling clutches in order to keep the car running. Over time, transmission fluid gets deteriorated due to excessive driving, therefore it is important to take the car to a transmission servicing Melbourne shop for a regular check up. Keep your car running for many years by taking proper care of the transmission system. There are few things you can do yourself to prolong the life of your transmission system, but if you want to make sure the job is done properly, visit a professional transmission servicing Melbourne shop that has both the experience and the equipment needed.


Check Transmission Fluid Regularly – Not checking your transmission fluid regularly might cost you a lot. Therefore, look for a reliable transmission servicing Melbourne shop to have your fluid properly checked and changed as recommended by the manufacturer.

Fix Transmission Problems Promptly – One way to keep your transmission system properly running is by reacting fast even to the smallest problem. Most people make the same mistake, they wait until the problem becomes more serious. It is important to visit a transmission servicing Melbourne shop every time you feel something strange is going on. This way mechanics will be able to eliminate the problem on time, and you will avoid costly repairs.

Install An External Cooler In High Stress Conditions – The temperature level of the transmission fluid rises when your vehicle is used for heavy loads or city driving. When the temperature rises the transmission system overheats what can cause major mechanical problems. What you can do to prevent this is simply take the car to a transmission servicing Melbourne shop to have an external cooler installed. That should reduce heat and friction and prolong the life of the transmission.

Have Other Transmission Components Checked – If you want your transmission to run properly, regularly check other components that affect the work of the transmission system. Take your car to a transmission servicing Melbourne center to check whether the drive axles, drive shafts and universal joints, engine flywheels, radiator, transmission mountings and computer system are not causing any problems that might affect the work of the transmission system.

Change Transmission Fluid More Often In High Stress Conditions – If you use your vehicle for hard driving, then it is a good idea to change the transmission fluid more often. Since the transmission oil is used to lubricate, cool and clean all transmission parts, have it replaced at least every six months.

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