Ride On Toys: Making The Right Choice

It is a marvelous sight watching your child growing up in front of your eyes, developing from a little crying baby, a crawling little explorer, to a stubborn toddler and a mature young person. Having in mind that the childhood is the most important part of a child’s life, every parent should be able to help their child develop good motor skills. By pushing or pedaling their favourite toys in the yard, kids do not realize that besides having fun, they are actually learning some very important life skills.


What are ride-on-toys?

Ride-on-toys allow children to move around with the help of cycling or with the assistance of a motor. Kids go crazy about these toys, not only because of the excitement they offer, but also because of the numerous games they can take part in with their friends. Today the market is flooded with different models and sizes of ride-on-toys, from sit-to-stand learning walkers, bicycles in different dimensions and ride-on-cars (with pedals or battery-powered) to skateboards and scooters. You can find many of these at pretty affordable prices if you visit a store that offers ride-on-toys for sale. In order to avoid unwanted injuries and possible accidents, pick the right ones for your little cuties that are most suitable to their age and experience. For that purpose, I gathered a few tips to help you make the best buy for your loved ones. Take a look.

Models of ride-on-toys

  • Push ride-on-toys

Let’s begin with the simplest type, the push ride-on-toys. As the name reveals it, these toys move with the help of human power, using the feet of the child who rides them, and/or the hands of the person who is pushing from behind. These models have low profiles and wide frames, offering great stability eliminating the risk of the child tipping over. That is why they are most commonly used by very small children, usually when learning their first steps using a push-walk toy or when entertaining with other kids pushing race cars, tractors or trucks.

  • Pedal-powered ride-on-toys

These models are suitable for older kids because they include bicycles and tricycles. Even though the traditional styles can be still found on the market, nowadays, younger kids prefer models with big wheels that resemble the real vehicles.

  • Motor-operated ride-on-toys

As these toys operate with the help of a motor, they look rather powerful and it is no wonder why they are every child’s dream toy. The variety of styles is huge; from styles that are made to resemble motorcycles and luxury cars, to jeeps and scooters. They are more frequently use outdoors rather than indoors and that is why parents should pay attention to the location where their children can ride them without any obstacles.

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