The Unique Uses Of A Crane Truck

Truck cranes are large lifting machines used for lifting and moving heavy loads with the help of cables and wire ropes. These machines are generally trucks with cranes, where the crane part is attached on the rear end of the truck. The truck cranes are capable of lowering, hauling and moving loads on the construction site. Their primarily use is in the construction of tall buildings, because they have incredible lifting capacity. Today, there are many types of cranes and they all come with many technologically advanced parts and offer incredible versatility.

The range of tasks truck cranes can perform is wide, which is why truck cranes are used for many applications. Many construction companies rely on the versatility of the truck cranes. Thanks to their compact design, maneuverability, precise load control, flexibility in any job site, incredible lifting capacity and ability to travel on highway, the truck cranes are considered as one of the most efficient construction machines that can be found on the market. The truck cranes come in many different sizes and shapes, but they all share the same function and working principle with only few slight distinctions.


For example, the knuckle boom truck cranes are most commonly used, because the boom can be folded for easy storage and maneuverability. This trucks with cranes are well-known among the contractors, mostly because their boom can be extended with a cable wire and a dangling hook. The truck cranes with knuckle boom are widely used for transporting large loads, such as transformers, sewer pipes, steel beams and other heavy loads. The trucks with cranes are a common equipment not only on the construction sites, but are also used in many other industries where heavy material lifting and moving is needed. There are various attachments that can increase the versatility of the truck cranes.

Operating truck cranes is a challenging job, because there is always a risk of an accidents, such as tipping over, falls from the crane and potential electrocution when working near overhead power lines. In order to prevent such accidents, the operators of the truck cranes need to be properly trained and to have experience to work on different terrains. Also, they need to know how to identify the hazards related to crane operations.

The trucks with cranes offer numerous benefits to the industries that need lifting and moving heavy loads and materials. The hauling process is easy, fast and safe, and the payload bed provides better mobility, which increases the efficiency and the productivity. So, the bottom line is that the truck cranes are some of the most valuable assets for the construction companies around the world.

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