Unique Gilt Restorations Tips

Give your gilt mirror the shine it used to have with unique gilt restorations tricks. Instead of throwing your favorite antique piece, have it restored. If the antique mirror has a missing pieces or is colour mismatched, then find professional gilt restorations services to restore gilt design to its original condition. Special care should be taken when owning a unique antique mirror, if you want it to last indefinitely. Here are some unique gilt restorations tips to help you breath new life into your precious gilt mirror. Gilt Restorations

Gilt Cream – One of the things you can use is the gilt cream which comes in many shades. This is a very simple DIY gilt restorations technique. Use a gilt cream that has the gold or silver shade that matches your mirror frame. Apply the gilt cream to the areas that are damaged by touching up with a paintbrush. You will be surprised by the final outcome of this unique gilt restorations process. Of course, if not sure how to, then it is best to rely on professional gilt restorations services. Hire a professional antiques restorer to ensure best results.

Wax Gilt Furniture – If you no nothing about the traditional gilt restorations method called gold-leafing, use the wax gilding. The wax paste is made of gold, silver, bronze or copper available in the art supply stores. This process is much alike the gold leaf one, but less expensive. What you need to do first is to clean the surface first. Once you get rid of all the dirt and wax, you can paint the area with liquid gold leaf paint. Once the paint is dry, apply the wax gilt with a suitable brush, so that you can spread the gilt across the frame and smooth it evenly. Leave the surface to dry for an hour and then carefully smooth the surface with a dry cloth.

Conservation – This is a unique gilt restorations technique that many restorers prefer. It is ideal for people that appreciate the historical integrity of the antique piece, including the natural wear and tear as it prevents further deterioration.

Restoration – Restoration is probably the best gilt restorations technique. If you want to bring back the beauty of your gilt frame, hire professional gilt restorations services. Experts use the same methods and materials that were originally used when this frame was made. Before they begin working on the frame, the antique restorer will discuss the condition of your antique piece and explain in detail the whole gilding process.

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