Turbo Training – A Unique Indoor Way of Exercising

If you are an avid cyclist and can’t go a day without spinning those wheels and getting that adrenalin rush, then you know very well how annoying bad weather can be. When I do my sessions, I like to keep a consistent workout regime throughout my week. Breaking my cycling routine always puts me in a bad mood and messes up my workout plan. If you are like me and you don’t want to skip a day, then I strongly recommend getting a turbo trainer. A turbo trainer is a bike that remains in a fixed position, while you still get your exercise. They are perfect for those of us who don’t mind getting their cycling fix, even if it means staying inside.

When I first got my trainer I thought I was going to use it like I normally ride my bike, but in some aspects it is quite different. The difference I noticed was that when I’m riding my bike on the road, I spend half of the time just sitting and letting inertia carry me forward, so when I thought I was getting an hour of cycling, in reality I was only cycling for 30 min. On turbo trainers, however, your cycling time is always the same and consistent, as there are no downhills and brakes when you are using one. This means you get more exercise done and burn more calories than on a usual bike ride.

So what are the benefits of turbo trainers over traditional cycling? Well, as I mentioned above, the time spent riding your bike on the road and on the turbo trainer is not the same. Turbo trainers are much more effective, and you get better results from your sessions, as they keep you cycling with the same consistency the entire time. Also, they give you the option of cycling even the weather is bad, whether it’s too cold, rainy or you just don’t want to cycle outside, the turbo trainer lets you ride your bike at home. They are very easy to set up and don’t take up as much space as your bike. What’s more, who doesn’t like watching their favourite TV show while working out?

When it comes to accessories, there are a few things you should consider, although these parts are not always needed. You might want to consider getting a stand for your front wheel, as the back wheel is elevated because the turbo trainer is holding it up. A front wheel stand will elevate the front of the bike as to make sure it’s levelled with the back wheel. Also, you might want to look into turbo trainers mats. They are designed to protect the floor from drops of sweat, which is useful if you like to do long sessions and you don’t want to to mess up your floor. These mats are easy to clean and you can just through them in the washing machine.

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