Vehicle GPS Tracker: What Makes it a Unique Security Device?

Saving up to buy the dream car is many people’s goal in life once they start earning their own income. A car is a prized possession for a reason – it transports us from point A to point B with comfort. Moreover, we get to use this transport whenever and wherever we want, as it gives us the kind of flexibility we lack when depending on public transport.

As beneficial as it can be owning your own vehicle, there are instances when it brings a certain amount of stress and headaches. One of these is theft, and some cars are more likely to be stolen than others.

car thief trying to steal

Even if yours isn’t among them, have in mind there’s an estimate for Australia that on average a car is stolen every ten minutes. Would you risk it knowing this information? One of the simplest and most affordable ways you can have your peace of mind is to invest in a handy vehicle GPS tracker with versatile features you can put to use.

Personal and Professional Key Equipment

As useful as they are for personal safety, such convenient trackers are ideal for business use too, especially when you’ve got a company with a huge vehicle fleet of cars and trucks to monitor and operate. While giving you insight into a car’s whereabouts, particularly in case of theft, such a device is also helpful in the event of a vehicle getting stranded, going through an emergency situation and needing assistance.

It’s needless to mention it’s advantageous when you want to be of assistance to your loved ones while they’re on the road, too. Sure, some people think of it as spying on your loved ones, but then again, you’re not Sheldon Cooper’s Leonard Hofstadter!

gps equipment

As for increasing the safety of your staff when driving through remote areas, GPS devices with alarms and alarm notifications are crucial. Apart from protecting your business with trade motor insurance, this too gives you an increased sense of security.

What Are the Additional Benefits?

In addition to providing you with the chance to improve safety, as well as count on theft recovery, you’d be glad to know there are other advantages that come from having your own vehicle GPS tracker.

Keep Track of Fuel Costs

While the price of gas is subjected to change, and you have no way of controlling it, you can have more control over your vehicle’s fuel consumption thanks to this device. Or rather, thanks to its monitoring software that would give you the chance to improve your fuel economy much like a throttle controller by giving you info on the amount of fuel you’re spending, which is susceptible to change due to speeding and traffic.

If you’re looking to min-max your savings and profits, you could become aware of your fuel spending habits on time and act accordingly by minding your speed. In terms of business use, the GPS trackers for cars offer insight into a driver’s idling or overlap (if any), as well as whether or not the driving route they choose is the best for making it on time with delivery, along with the amount of fuel they spend, for instance.

man putting fuel in his car

Not to mention, you can easily get more info on certain employees too. For example, you could verify if your employees are to be trusted by coming to understand if they misbehave and are reckless drivers, exposing others, themselves and the transported goods at danger by speeding when they aren’t being watched.

Control Operational Costs

Strictly business-related, this benefit provides a company with more control over the fleet as they easily see when an employee is using a vehicle without authorisation from the employers. Moreover, it’s also just as easy to check if they’re taking more detours than they should, and whether they work the hours they’re paid to work.

Improve Productivity

When you have the opportunity to see which route takes the vehicle faster to the destination, you can eliminate other routes that slow down your company’s operation. Besides performing to the full potential, this means you get the chance to save money and time, and build a better reputation for your business while earning the trust of clients.

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Improve Vehicle Maintenance

Since a vehicle GPS tracker can be plugged into vehicle analytics, it’s essential for keeping track of vehicle usage and be in the know when maintenance is needed. Timely maintenance is key for the longevity of the vehicles, and would prevent you from spending a great deal of money on costly repairs. The tracker provides this info by sending alerts based on the mileage spent, or the working hours of the engine.

How Does a Vehicle GPS Tracker Work?

Even though there are various designs and models of car trackers – from models that need to be plugged into the lighter, to the discrete types powered by their own batteries, they all work in the same way. With the help of GPS satellites, the LiveTrack is able to get the exact location of the tracker and indicates it through mobile phone networks by sharing the data on the smartphone app.

Along with the app being created for multiple vehicles per user, it’s also got a location history feature you can use any time to check all the data. Add to this the neat Geofence feature, perfect for adding a virtual boundary that alerts if you go over it, and the handy Parking Monitor with G-Shock sensor, to detect any vibrations from burglars around the vehicle while it’s parked, and you’ve got utmost safety and security.

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