Pallet Racks: Use These Accessories to Get it Right

Keeping the workplace organized and neat is a top priority in a warehouse. Failing to do so, may result in product damage which will in turn contribute to customers’ dissatisfaction. Being unable to properly address the storage issue can also account for unnecessary delay when an employee needs to find certain item or product. This is why pallet racking is such an essential part of the storage, safety and maintenance standards of the warehouses in so many industries.

In order to better the efficiency of the already exciting pallet racking system, you can decide to add useful accessories such as frame racks or beams.



Using pallet frame racks to secure the hold is a must. The last thing you want is to endanger the lives of the employees along with the items. Although with a good and accurate estimation of the weight limit you can feel secure enough, security frames are a part of the regulations and you can never have such thing as too much security in a warehouse.


The orange horizontal bars that are a part of the racking system are called beams. They come with the option to lock into any given height as long as it is upright. Locking at whichever lever you prefer is a very convenient option. Every beam comprises four hooks and 2 connectors for safety. As the standard goes, each beam needs to have a clear entry of 2591mm so that 2 pallets can be accommodated without a problem. The standard weight that a beam can carry per level is 2082 kg.

A very common mistake that you need to avoid is to underestimate the required capacity of the pallet rack. Just as almost everything else in life, it is better to have more than less. The best option is to be as concise as possible, which means you need to take the professional approach. The capacity of the industrial pallet rack can be calculated by relying on the weight of the heaviest pallet and then multiplying that by the quantity of pallet positions per each beam level.

The capacity of the pallet rack can be determined by either an experienced warehouse owner or a professional for pallet racking. A person that is specialized in this field will be able to most accurately estimate the capacity and help you attain a higher level of knowledge and safety and get the most of the beams and other accessories.


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