Train A Sharp Eye For The Next Handbag Buy

If you are anything like me, then a handbag for you is not just something to you put your keys, phone, lipstick and a bunch of other things in. No, no. It is that piece of your outfit that makes a statement for your taste and style. As such, many women invest a considerable amount of time and money in choosing the right one, but do you pay even more attention when you spot a sale and you impulsively start picking up random handbags that have nothing to do with your taste? No worries if that is a Yes, almost every woman on the planet has been in that situation. It is an ugly habit that makes your wallet suffer, so the next time you decide to buy handbags just based on an impulse, here is what you should look for.


  • The perfect armpiece

    This normally refers to the straps for carrying the bag: look for something with straps long enough to make carrying the bag on your arm as comfortable as possible. And while there, why not choose a handbag that has both types of straps: shorter ones and longer ones for carrying it over the shoulder? You should always be practical when looking to buy handbags, but you can also have some fun as well.

  • Versatile in its use

    Of course you should not go and buy something that has all the colours of the colour palette on it! Instead, to save yourself some time and nerves and to create a perfectly good outfit, choose a handbag in black, gray, white or beige. These are the all-time versatile colours and can be combined with any outfit, perfectly completing any vision. There will be times when you will be tempted to buy a bag in strong pink, green or a neon colour, but will you actually wear it in any season?

  • A bag with metal details

    This is all about taste, but metal details are always trendy and can really give life and meaning to a bag. Is it in rock style? Maybe it is more gothic and dark? Whichever it is, you cannot go wrong with anything that has metal details on it.

  • Bright and powerful, but not cheesy

    This is not a contradictory statement; a woman needs at least one handbag in a bright colour to break an otherwise monotonous vision. And by bright I do not mean screaming pink or strong green, but something more classy, like red for instance. Gold is also a good choice. As for the size and design, what is the purpose you need it for? For nights out in a bar, or for running around town?

  • A bag with top handles for a classy look

    You know how sometimes a very large tote makes you feel like you have been shopping for groceries instead of heading for coffee with friends in a cafe? Large bags do that sometimes, but again, this depends on your personal taste. If you do not like to feel like that, the next time you decide to buy handbags, look for something that is small and has handles on top, so that you can to carry the bag in your hands instead of just placing it over the shoulder.

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