3 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Motorized Longboard

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current electric longboard or you’re looking to buy your first one, there are a couple of important factors you’ll need to consider in order to ensure you get the best-motorized longboard for your hard-earned money. Electric boards are a relatively new invention, with the first electric boards being announced back in 2012 by a company called Boosted Boards, which was only a startup at the time.
Boosted Boards announced a dual-motor, high-tech electric skateboard, which kickstarted an innovation avalanche in the skateboard manufacturing industry. And although electric boards were around for many years before Boosted Boards came up with their design, older electric boards just weren’t very good. They were heavy, bulky, had massive batteries and unimpressive performance, so they were never attractive for tech and skateboarding enthusiasts.

Modern motorized longboard models, on the other hand, are almost identical to conventional longboards in terms of size and weight, plus they offer superior performance. If you want to reap the benefits of riding an electric longboard, some of the important factors you should consider before purchasing your first electric longboard are the following.

A Comprehensive Warranty

If you’ve ever ridden any type of board, be it conventional or electric, you’ll know that the board has a tough life. It’s constantly exposed to different types of terrain, some of which are very rough, and they move at high speeds. That being said, wear and tear is something that can happen rather quickly. No matter how well-constructed the board is, it can still break down. Motorized longboard models, in particular, are more prone to breaking down simply because they contain complex electric components. For that reason, it pays to read the warranty on the fine print so you know what it covers. And while it may be common sense, it’s worth mentioning that the longer the warranty is – the better. If a brand offers only a 6-month warranty, it means that they aren’t very confident in the durability of their electric longboard.

Furthermore, keep in mind that not all warranties are created equal, so do some research about the company you’re buying from and the products they offer. Know your consumer rights, and pay attention to things like whether or not you’re allowed to perform your own repairs, or will such a thing void your warranty. Do you have to send the board or broken parts back to the company if they need repairing? And will the company send you replacement parts? How much does the shipping cost, or does it cost anything at all? Warranties come in a wide range of forms and sizes, so make sure the product you’re buying comes with a legitimate warranty that you can easily make claims on if you need to. Lastly, keep in mind that most boards break because they’re being abused to death, not because there are manufacturing faults.

Performance Capabilities

Most longboarders would agree that conventional longboards are naturally great at downward-sloping and flat surfaces, but not so great at rolling uphill. So the only reason why you’d want to spend extra money on a motorized longboard is to climb hills, right? Well, yes and no. However, if that’s something you intend on doing, then you have to consider whether the electric longboard can carry your weight up a hill. The incline percentage you want to climb and your weight are the two important factors to consider, and you might not be able to find that out until you have the electric longboard in your hands. This can be problematic if you’re shopping online, but luckily, you can rely on Youtube videos to find some answers. Watching videos from the product you’re looking to purchase can also help you understand the basics about its physics, mechanics and electrical parts.

Battery Capacity and Technology

There’s nothing worse than heading out for a ride and realizing you don’t have enough to make it back home. Pushing is always an option, but you didn’t buy an expensive motorized longboard just to push it home. Some electrical longboards have belt-drive wheels, which have more resistance, meaning pushing can become a taxing exercise and your legs will hurt for a few days. When it comes to electrical longboard batteries, bigger is almost always better. The larger the battery, the more power it can store and the more you can ride without having to recharge. However, not all batteries are made the same. Be sure to do some research and find out which batteries are capable of delivering the performance you need. A good electric board battery should provide about 1 hour of ride time, and about 30-40km in range. But keep in mind that your weight and wind resistance can also impact how far you can go with a single battery. Of course, the ideal battery capacity will also come down to personal preference, so you may not need a bulky, powerful battery if you’re not riding for more than 30 minutes at a time.

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