A Guide to Picking the Right Motorcycle Luggage Solution

One of the biggest downsides to traveling with a motorcycle is the low carrying capacity. However, motorcycle custom parts accessories manufacturers have come up with a wide range of luggage solutions that can kind of compensate for that and keep your belongings safe and secure. But with so many luggage solutions available nowadays, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you, because after all, all of your prized belongings are going to be inside it.

motorcycle custom parts accessories

When it comes to buying luggage solutions at motorcycle custom parts accessories stores, saddle bags are the most popular solution. They’re so common and popular that many motorcycles have them as OEM gear. The reason for that is because they offer a large carrying capacity while still maintaining the motorcycle’s center of gravity and are out of the rider and passenger’s way. Saddle bags can be either soft (usually made of leather or textile) or hard (made of molded plastic, aluminium or fibreglass).

You can find throw-over saddle bags which are ideal for shorter trips, as they’re affordable and easy to install. However, throw-over bags usually aren’t motorcycle model specific, so you’ll need to adjust them slightly to ensure proper clearance between the exhaust and the bags. If saddle bags don’t fit your needs, you can get a tail bag. Tail bags offer the most capacity out of all luggage solutions and you can combine them with saddle bags for maximum carrying capacity. In fact, tail bags are specifically designed to be compatible with saddle bags in order to create the ultimate luggage solution.

Alternatively, you can get soft bags, which come in a wide range of features and constructions. If you ride a cruiser, you’ll probably want a leather bag, whereas if you ride a sports or adventure bike, you should lean towards bags made of harder, synthetic materials. Worth noting is that most soft bags aren’t waterproof, so you should use waterproof inner liners or covers. Hard bags, on the other hand, are usually more expensive, but they offer a high level of weather-resistance and protection. Usually, you’ll need a mounting bracket to securely attach a hard bag to your motorcycle, which may require some adjusting or tweaking.

And lastly, you can get sissy bar bags, which offer a lot of carrying capacity. Generally, this type of luggage comes with a large main bag with an additional round bag on top of it. Both bags are then strapped together and fastened to your motorcycle’s sissy bar, hence their name. If you’re doing some serious road-tripping, sissy bar bags are your best luggage solution.

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