Everything You Need to Know About Street Fashion

When you come across the phrase urban clothing, you probably think of the very specific look youngsters pull off every day in urban places. And yes, you are not far from the truth – it is a look which goes hand in hand with urban culture and it doesn’t only represent a way of dressing up but also a way of living. It is safe to say that urban style was born on the streets under the influences of rap and hip-hop music. It emerged as opposed to the fashion dictated by the designers and the smart look by Wall Street. 

However, today it doesn’t refer only to hip-hop and rap music subculture as it has taken a massive step into the everyday urban life. Therefore, lots of fashion bloggers draw inspiration from the streets and the urban ready-to-wear collections. In general, the street clothing store offers pieces that reflect the uniqueness of the different types of personalities. Due to its huge popularity, it has become mainstream really fast.

The urban clothing consists of hoodies, t-shirts and sneakers. They are usually designed with a slogan. Looser pants are more common than tight and fit pants. Accessorising is an important part of the urban wear and it balances out the non-formal appearance of the look.  Also, more noticeable jewellery pieces combined with different types of hats add a little bit of posh and bling to this street style. Fanny packs are being reinvented and worn around the waist. When it comes to the colour, black is a very common choice, even though youngsters tend to choose different colours to fit their personalities.

Furthermore, the urban style is all about attitude. It boasts authenticity and the notion of having a strong opinion about something and it reflects the tempo and the feel of the moment. The individuality factor is huge and requires an understanding of what it means to be oneself all the time.

Even though once the urban style was in a way synonymous with cheaper clothes, today it is a symbol of fame and prestige. The democratic lifestyle of youngsters speaks through the jackets and denim pants. You can find different pieces of clothing in the street clothing store that best describe you and what you stand for so that you can enjoy the freedom of expression regardless of your age.

Finally, urban clothing has won over the hearts of lots of designers who are now creating more luxurious urban lifestyle inspired pices. They are inspired by the music subculture, the trends on the streets and they try to recreate the style with improved features. Urban clothing has become such a craze all over the world that it’s also supported by many celebrities who have their own fashion lines of urban clothing. For instance, you can see Jay Z and his Rocawear which attracts savvy street customers or Beyonce’s House of Dereon which aims to go “where the sidewalk and the catwalk meet”.  It is more than clear that urban clothing is here to stay.

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