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Marketing is a business tool that have become so important nowadays that almost every business cannot image to stay competitive on a market if it does not conduct some kind of marketing strategy. Internet is one alternative that complements marketing with new methods of reaching out to customers. Besides the expansion of this marketing strategy, it seems as if some basic methods and techniques cannot be replaced so easily by new technology developments. Such is direct mail marketing. Since early days of marketing usage, mail services has been among the most used methods for segmentation and targeting audience. Furthermore, the reason so many companies used and still use direct mail as a marketing tool are numerous.

Certain delivery

If you are looking for a marketing channel that will deliver your message to your customers for sure, direct mail marketing is perfect for you. Reports show that almost 80 % of people retrieve their mail on the day it arrives. Off course, this doesn’t mean that they will decide to read your message but it is more reliant than an e-mail marketing or other alternative method.

Better targeting

With e-mail marketing, getting the right and accurate mailing lists is more difficult. There are hundreds of sites that offer mailing lists for commercial use. But no one really knows if these mailing lists are true or existent at all. As a comparison, mailing lists of mail house services are much more reliant due to the fact that mail has been delivered to these addresses on a regular basis. This way you don’t have to worry about whether your targeted market is real and credible.

Customized messages

Above mentioned benefits lead to other marketing gains for your campaign. By getting better mailing lists you can find out different customers’ needs and customize promotional material for different target groups. With customized messages that are created for specific group (for example, mothers, young women, senior citizens, etc) you can speak directly to your target customers and lure them with some interesting promotion.

To sum up everything, direct mail marketing is more effective than alternative e-mail marketing strategy. But it comes at a higher price. The main reason why most start-ups choose e-mail marketing is exactly because of its low cost or no costs at all. But with all the spamming going on with this marketing tool, it seems that only few portions of the targeted audience is affected with e-mail bulletins and subscriptions. So if you are prepared to invest in your marketing strategy, direct mail marketing should be given an advantage.

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