Unique Carpet Cleaning

Unique carpet cleaning

No matter how hard you try to keep your home looking clean, if you do not take care of your carpets, your home will look untidy and messy. Carpets collect dust, are prone to stains and if not maintained feature a very dirty look. Regular carpet cleaning refreshes and removes stains. There are many methods for cleaning stains from carpet, but most of them are not safe due to toxic products which are intended for this purpose. The best solution is to prepare cleaning product at home to clean the contaminated surfaces. The effect will be even more satisfactory than the one by using toxic chemicals. With homemade cleaners you have the ability to mix a solution that you believe is safe and also save some money which is actually quite good for a family on a budget.

DRY Carpet Cleaning

Maybe it sounds strange, but each step of carpet cleaning has its specific requirements that must be followed – temperature and time, for example. If you ignore the requirements of chemical cleaners, you can ruin not only the color but also the texture of your carpet. Before you start cleaning the carpet, determine whether it is made of synthetic material, half wool or 100% wool. Also keep in mind on what type of surface your carpet lies – waterproof surface, tiles, hardwood floor or laminate. First, remove stubborn stains with dry chemical solutions and then use dry cleaner for better results. Follow with a vacuum cleaner.

Wet carpet cleaning

This is more difficult and complicated process. First you should absorb and clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner and after that clean with a brush and synthetic foam to remove the oil stains. Turn on the water or steam vacuum cleaner and then remove excess water with electric drier. Allow the carpet to dry.

If all this seems too much work for you, use the services of a professional carpet cleaning Perth. The professional carpet cleaning Perth will extend the life of your carpet and postpone the purchase of a new one. This way of cleaning is much easier and the carpet will look like a new one.

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