The Essential Splitboarding Gear – Stay Safe on the Slopes

There’s nothing better than cruising down a mountain and admiring the scenery in front of you, but that is not easily done the first time around when split boarding. Carelessly sliding down a slope and admiring the view should only be done with the proper training, when having the right gear and knowing what you’re doing. And if you’ve already passed your training, the next step towards safely making your way through the slopes without getting stuck in an avalanche is being equipped with the right pieces of gear.


While split boards can make use of regular bindings, I highly recommend that you go with splitboard-only bindings since they are lighter and offer a more solid feel. When browsing the great variety of splitboarding gear on the online market, you will come across some great newer models of bindings which will allow you to climb to the top way easier than previous iterations did since they will provide you with enough control in order to do so.


Again, you can use your regular snowboarding boots, but the ride won’t be the same as when wearing a backcountry splitboarding or a mountaineering pair. A good rule of thumb is to look for a pair that is comfortable enough while also providing you with a medium to stiff flex. If you are going to travel a lot in steeps, get yourself a pair that has a lot of treads as this will give it nice traction. Boots with more support than usual are a better choice overall.


Like in skiing, poles are also required in splitboarding so you can keep your balance. However, when buying splitboarding gear, make sure you get portable ones. What I mean by this is that you need to get poles that are adjustable or rather collapsible so that you can carry them in your pack. Collapsible polls can also adapt to different terrains.

Avalanche Beacon

Now, this is something that can actually save your life. An avalanche beacon is basically a device that will send out a signal to your friends whenever you get trapped in an avalanche. I highly recommend that you go for a beacon that has a 3 antenna setup, which will help locate you easier by sending out the strongest signal. If you already have one that is a couple of years old, I suggest that you get a new device.


This is not just about the pretty patterns but also about board traction. Skins are very important to your touring system since they provide your board with enough traction to keep you safe while maneuvering. You need to check before every downhill adventure if they are working properly, and it is also recommended that you get a pair that has a tail clip so they don’t peel off on the tail. In case one isn’t included, you can always buy it separately.

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