Unique Baby Stuff to Simplify Babyhood

Becoming a mum for the second time was a truly joyful experience as I was much more confident when it comes to following one’s own mother instincts.

Apart from altering my interactions with the baby this relaxed approach also made me see baby stuff in a different way. Mothering websites, pregnancy magazines, and store displays make us believe that we need a load of stuff to care for all our baby’s specific needs. However, after my first child was born I discovered that this isn’t true. In fact, less become a lot more for me the second time around.

Below, I will share my opinion on some of my personal baby stuff – the true essentials I used the most through the first year. My goal is to merely demonstrate that babyhood can be much simpler than what many seem to think (including me when I used to be childless and clueless) think and help new parents evaluate what could be actually essential for their family.


Infant Car Seat
The car seat is priority number one – you will need one installed in your car before you leave the maternity.

Babies tend to wake up during the night, so keeping your baby within easy reach for the first few months is something you may want to consider. In this case, a bassinet by your bedside can do the trick.

Baby Wrap
In my opinion, a wrap is a comfortable carrier option during the earlier months as the fabric is gentle enough for baby skin and there are no snaps, so that’s one more worry less. For some, they can look a bit tricky, but you’ll be surprised how quickly one gets used to them, especially if you choose a simplified model.

Swaddle Blankets
Although loose blankets are a must, for the first few months I recommend swaddling blankets which can prevent the baby’s jerky movements (spasms) which are a common sight when babies suddenly wake up. Swaddling blankets are also great to use as a stroller cover for when babies fall asleep on the go.


Baby Care Tools
You will need a nail clipper to keep those teeny tiny nails short, a nasal aspirator to keep the baby’s nose clean and a thermometer to check baby’s temperature. To make things simple, choose a comprehensive health kit that will cover all your needs.

Diaper Bag
Getting out of the house with your baby will be necessary not only for your sanity but also to take your little one to frequent doctor’s appointments. For this, you will need a diaper bag that offers enough compartments to help you get prepared and stay organized with everything you will need while out of the house.

Natural Pacifier
A pacifier can become your best friend for when your baby is crying and you’ve tried everything (from the bottle and diaper change to singing Twinkle Twinkle in the highest key possible (chuckles)) but nothing seems to be of help. Just make sure you choose a pacifier that features orthodontic design to protect your baby’s future teeth and that is also safe and easy to clean.

It is true that there is much more your babyhood requires in order to happily grow into a healthy individual, but the items listed above are the baby stuff that are a must for making any mum’s life easier. Hope they will make yours too!

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