Safari Snorkel for a Unique Driving Experience Through Off-Road Terrains

The world is too vast to be stuck in one place without heading out to explore more of what it has to offer and embark on unforgettable journeys that would lead to having plenty of stories to tell afterwards. Life would be too boring without that little bit of adrenaline rush and all the heart-pounding moments. If you’re up for an off-road thrill and adventures in the likes of those that presenter Ben Fogle and comedian Hugh Dennis had in Peru in The World’s Most Dangerous Roads, being in the company of your 4WD is mandatory. However, an off road terrain means you’re often going to encounter unfamiliar roads or trails that look like roads and end up being stuck in water, mud or dust.

Unless being stuck is part of your “to do” list, you’d have to prepare properly before you set out on the trips. That doesn’t mean only equipping yourself with all the maps, clothing and food, but also consider your vehicle and how you can take all the necessary precautions for a smooth and easy drive. Take the Safari snorkel for instance that gained momentum in Australia in the 80s of the previous century. As a concept, the snorkel was born out of the need for equipment that would protect the 4WD vehicle and get you safely through the unfamiliar terrains without any vehicle damage.


What a snorkel does is it moves the engine air intake, allowing for less water to get to the engine and it provides access to cleaner air. The Australian snorkel is among the best there are, manufactured from durable UV resistant materials that enable cooler air supply resulting in maximum performance of the engine. You can find specialised shops offering quality Safari snorkel parts and the chance to either get them installed by experts or get your own kit delivered to your home and undertake the DIY project installing them yourself.

Safari snorkel parts have such good reputation because they are made of stainless steel, which means they are corrosion resistant, and their system effectively rids you off all the unwanted moisture, allowing for enough air supply to keep the engine working. As an essential accessory for all the road enthusiasts, it can be routed out through the front fenders or the hood. The Safari snorkels are sealed for utmost engine protection, needed for the dusty deserts and challenging river crossings.


Not only are these snorkels ideal for dust and rain, but they are also designed for snow. This is possible thanks to the rotating properties of the air ram, having the chance to change its direction opposite of that of wind which eliminates the chances of snow piling up in the air intake. Make sure you invest in this essential tool if you want to enjoy your adventures to the fullest, with a peace of mind.

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