Give off a Sense of Mystery With a Unique Hat


Though we live in a world of choices, it’s easy to lose our true self. It happens when we get focused on following certain trends, copying what others are doing and wearing so losing one’s authenticity is inevitable and that’s not how a fashionista is made. Science would call this herd behaviour, fashion would call it lack of style. So, how does a woman find her style in the vastness of trends and clothing pieces? The answer is simple, by tuning in to her femininity of course. This is how one stands out from the crown and defines her own style instead. A woman can’t show off her charisma if she doesn’t feel comfortable with the style she has and the clothes she’s wearing. You’d be surprised of the power accessories have, so let your basic lesson be to always accessorise. If there’s one piece of accessory that can help women make a statement with their looks and should find its way into their wardrobes, it’s got to be hats.

Hats have long been the item that served as an ace up a woman’s sleeve, helping with keeping her aura of mystery about. It wasn’t until the days of the 18th and 19th century that they really grew into an indispensable accessory and it’s then that the hat makers, known as miliners, turned hats into works of art so no lady could possibly be seen without one. Times have certainly changed since then, and you’d often hear complaints that gentlemen are a dying breed nowadays, however they can still be found but it takes a lady comfortable in her own skin to spark the interest of one.

If you don’t have the inspiration enough for the kind of hats you’d be interested in, look for celebrity fashion icons, that’s sure to get you in the mood for some shopping. Though not every woman considers herself as a hat person, there’s the right hat tailored to satisfy different tastes. All it takes is finding the one that would win you over, kind of like when your heart is won over by love.

We left the days of winter behind for now, but with mornings still a bit chilly, knitted hats can do you good. After all, the primary purpose of wearing hats in the first place is to keep us warm and protected from the weather conditions, be it snow, rain, wind or sun. Spring is always associated with flowers blooming and the beauty of their many colours. You can celebrate the vividness of spring with knitted hats with flower details, break out from the dullness of everyday routines and your usual outfits, and dazzle everyone by embracing your uniqueness. The many colours and shapes a knitted hat can be found in makes it easy to be combined with any clothing pieces you wear on a fine day out buying groceries, meeting over with friends or taking a stroll through parks and streets. Talk about a versatile accessory!


Time flies fast and before you know it summer will arrive so why not start preparing for the scorching sun already. Over exposure to UV rays is known to damage both skin and hair, which makes wearing hats of utmost necessity. The brim, be it floppy or short, is certainly an all-time favourite, providing enough covering and shade for your head and face as well as complementing your whole look, in other words, it’s the cherry on top completing your outfits. Casual women and minimalists alike will agree on the everlasting stylishness and charm of the panama hat – easily worn with just about every piece of their wardrobes. One thing is for sure, no matter the season, it’s always the right time for hats. Look through the styles carefully and choose the one that will best speak of the woman wearing it – You!

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