Beyond Unique: Vet-Approved Cat Supplies to Make Your Feline Happy

Cats are smart creatures and each one of them has its own, unique personality. As cat parents, many of us tend to treat them as family members. If you’re one, you can surely relate – you want to meet all their needs and make sure they enjoy maximum comfort. That’s why knowing your cat’s routines and habits is important and can help you take better care of them at any stage of their life.

Bringing a purry ball full of meows to your home will bring happiness to your life, with no doubt. But you need to be aware of all the responsibilities that come along. Make sure to purchase a few cat supplies Australia vets recommend before your cat’s arrival. Even if your cat’s already comfortable in your home, there is a variety of cat supplies you can add to the list and treat them as the majesties they are.

Cat Supplies

Here are some of the basic supplies every cat needs. Your cat may need additional resources, which you can discuss with your vet and get them accordingly. You can find cat supplies Australia cat owners prefer and ensure a healthy and comfortable environment for your feline friend. Whether this is your first-time cat parenting or not, the following items will help you make your cat essentials list easily.

Food and Bowls


There are a few different types of cat food you can choose from, depending on your cat’s age as well as special diet needs. You can ask your vet which food would be best for your cat and make sure you stock up on good quality, healthiest cat food you can afford. Start with a small pack of anything and let your cat taste it first. Always refer to the food labels and follow the instructions on how much to serve. Watch your cat’s weight to make sure you’re feeding it right.

Clean and inviting food and water dishes are essential for your cat’s appetite and happiness. The type of bowls you choose is up to your cat’s eating habits. Also, some cats don’t like having their food and water next to each other, so you may need to consider separating them.

Litter and Litter Box


There are different types of litter boxes you can choose from; however, the two main types are hooded litter box or a plain plastic box with kitty litter inside. A hooded litter box has a tall cover, which gives your cat some privacy and can help keep the litter from being tossed over the box’s edge. But some cats are afraid of the hood and avoid using it. In that case, the second option is a simpler solution, but it requires some upkeep.

The easiest way to choose a litter box is to find one that’s large enough, so your cat can easily climb in and out of it and move around. If you have more than one cat, make sure to place the litter boxes at different levels or in different rooms. You’ll need one litter box per cat, plus an additional one. Consider a mat under each box to catch the stray litter.

When it comes to the litter that goes in the box, you may need to experiment with a few brands until you find the one your cat’s content with. The safest way is to choose a regular, non-scented litter with fine particles.



Playtime is important and can help you build a bond with your cat. Cats are hunters and in their natural environment, they would spend most of their wake time hunting for food. To provide a full and active life to your feline, choose cat toys that can help you organise quality playtime such as balls with bells, stuffed toys, and more. Some cat toys may include catnip, a herb from the mint family that attracts and stimulates cats.



Cats enjoy sleeping and they spend a lot of time napping. While many of them can fall asleep almost anywhere, having a cat bed is important to make your cat feel comfortable and safe. Cats like to have a place on their own for sleeping. Make sure the bed is warm and soft and located in a place where your feline friend feels secure.

If you’re taking care of more cats, make sure you have a variety of beds in different locations, so each one of them can have its own space and rest. Most cat beds these days have washable covers, so you can easily clean them whenever needed.

Scratching Post(s)


We all know cats love to scratch. It’s a physiological need for cats and getting a scratching post is the best way to save your furniture and carpets. Choose a stable scratcher and make sure there is at least one scratching area in every room your cat is allowed to enter. Consider the height of the scratching post as your cat may want to stretch to their full length.

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