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Save Time, Money and Stress by Zipping Around the City with Boosted Boards

Boosted Board

Electric boards have been riding a surge in popularity the past couple of years, with Boosted being one of the leading players. Thanks to their iconic orange wheels, it’s also one of the more recognizable kinds of electric skateboards. They are a modern form of the traditional skateboard which saw a spike in popularity in […]

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3 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Motorized Longboard

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current electric longboard or you’re looking to buy your first one, there are a couple of important factors you’ll need to consider in order to ensure you get the best-motorized longboard for your hard-earned money. Electric boards are a relatively new invention, with the first electric boards being announced […]

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A Guide to Picking the Right Motorcycle Luggage Solution

One of the biggest downsides to traveling with a motorcycle is the low carrying capacity. However, motorcycle custom parts accessories manufacturers have come up with a wide range of luggage solutions that can kind of compensate for that and keep your belongings safe and secure. But with so many luggage solutions available nowadays, it can […]

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What You Need to Know About Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems?

Your tyres’ pressure is one of the most important, yet underrated factors when it comes to safely driving your vehicle. Poorly inflated tyres not only impact safety but also performance, the carrying capacity, and longevity of your tyres. Not to mention the increase in travel time and cost as a result of worse mileage and […]

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What Do You Get Out of Upgrading to an Aftermarket Exhaust System?

If you’re looking to improve your Nissan GU Patrol’s towing and hill-climbing capabilities, the best way to do so is by upgrading your stock exhaust system with an aftermarket one. Aftermarket exhaust systems are one of the most sought-after performance upgrades, simply because they’re the most affordable, yet very efficient solution. Most stock exhaust systems […]

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