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Everything you need to Know about Throttle Controllers

There is a common misconception about throttle controllers that runs rampant on the internet and that they give you extra horsepower for free. While it’s true that they do offer a boost of sorts, they definitively do not give more horsepower to a car. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t offer a sizeable benefit […]

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Vehicle GPS Tracker: What Makes it a Unique Security Device?

Saving up to buy the dream car is many people’s goal in life once they start earning their own income. A car is a prized possession for a reason – it transports us from point A to point B with comfort. Moreover, we get to use this transport whenever and wherever we want, as it […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Safely Removing a Broken Engine Bolt

engine nuts and bolts

The moving force behind every vehicle figuratively and literally is the engine. The ICE (internal combustion engine) is one of the most revolutionary systems invented in the 19th century. While the main source of power for a combustion engine today is mostly gasoline there are still other alternatives such as diesel and biodiesel. But how does an […]

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Pros and Cons of Installing Electronic Throttle Controller in Your Toyota

We are all after some thrill, otherwise what’s the point of having a car able to reach remarkable top speeds? Those of us who also want to hear the engine purr look past the fastest speed it can reach. We want to fine tune the systems in the car to a degree where we can […]

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How to Equip Your Bike to Travel

Storage space is always at a premium when you are on the run. This is more apparent when your means of travel are largely exposed to the environment, such as when traveling with a motorcycle. Not only do you need to pack some gear, but you also need to make sure all of it is […]

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